Vuitton Spring 2007 LV OE

  1. Omg, the collection is amazing! Very fresh, stunning and huge of detailings. The season must end now, for the new season is simply good.

    Check them out at
    00730m.jpg 00600m.jpg
  2. Lovelovelove the new collection!
  3. A few more pix for you to drool over!
    I'm lovin the handbags in the first and second pic! Loves It!
    00060m.jpg 00080m.jpg 00090m.jpg 00130m.jpg 00160m.jpg
  4. The button ones are so cute :love:

    However I don't really care for the big checkered totes, they remind me of those cheap plastic bags you take for camping, vaction, etc KWIM?
  5. And some more........................
    00180m.jpg 00240m.jpg 00270m.jpg 00390m.jpg 00430m.jpg
  6. Thanks for the pics rainbow_rose!
  7. Even More lol!................................
    00580m.jpg 00610m.jpg 00650m.jpg 00710m.jpg 00640m.jpg
  8. Last Ones......................
    00150m.jpg 00290m.jpg 00510m.jpg 00540m.jpg
  9. I thought I wasn't going to like this collection but after seeing them in detail, I love them!
  10. :love: :love: Thank you again!
  11. I kinda have to agree, when seeing the comple collection as a whole it really didn't do anything for me and like many people was thinking "Where is the genius marc that we have come to know and love" but after seeing the bags in such detail I have to say I love them! I think it is so refreshing to have such fabulous LV bags without them being monogrammed to death!
    There are definitly some that have gone straight to my wish list lol!
  12. Anytime Nola! :flowers: Glad you enjoyed them!
  13. I love everything thank you
  14. :shrugs: Still don't like much:crybaby:

    This one might grow on me.


    I would like this one, but the handles are....sorry (ducks) hideous

  15. Simply gorgeous!!!