Vuitton Sleeper Bags

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  1. I was at LV-Austin today to find a wallet that would fit nicely in my new messenger after looking a a few different styles, I decided to purchase the PTE Valeurs Credit Card/Checkbook it can hold money, receipts, and credit cards which is what I like. Anyways, I saw something different- the sleeper bags are not a linen type fabric anymore- they are a very very soft kinda plushy type of cotton with the stiching on the edges a little more pronounced than before. I like them a lot better. I asked the SA what's up with this and she said New, New, New- Cool- Im always in for new....
  2. :nuts: Sounds better than the linen/cottony ones they're still using in Australia. Congrats on your purchase:flowers:
  3. Congrats on your purchase...and great news about new dustbags! I like the plushy old ones better than the linen ones!
  4. Yuppers. I am in love with them.

    When L sent me his old pin, he put it in a new long dustbag.

    When I asked for a dust bag for my Pocket Agenda, I was given the same new long one. I freakin' love them. :P
  5. Ok, so I lost the sleeper for my agenda, any chance I get get one from the LV store?
  6. Congrats!
    Yes, the dust bags are a little different, meaning better.
  7. Yes! I love the new dustbags!
  8. new dust bags are great, not such a fan of the linen dust bags
  9. yay! when i get my new big lv, ill be excited to get a soft dust bag!
  10. lol. john i love your new signature picture! its so heroic :P :king:
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