Vuitton SC Fate

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  1. Hi Tpfers, I am contemplating to buy SC Bag probably at the end of the year. It is a beautiful bag. What hesitates me is that before, I purchased LV suhali bag, then 5 years later when I decided to sell it, the selling price was so low !! Almost the same as the canvas line. When I bought the bag, I never thought I will sell it, but then I have kids so it does not suit my lifestyle anymore because it is a handheld bag and quite small. Anyway, Do you think SC bag will have the same fate as Suhali? Get discontinued, then the reselling price will plummet? I mean, no one knows how your lifestyle will change and maybe in the next 5 years I might sell that beauty too? Should I just invest in Chanel flap instead? I am eyeing the SC in Galet color (Gosh !! It is sooo beautiful). Or just invest in chanel flap beige clair caviar? Thanks so much.
  2. I have both and use the SC more. I will never sell either.
  3. I don't think so
  4. This is a legitimate concern. I thought the same thing when I got my SC in 2012. But I already had my flap. If I did not, I think it would have been a harder decision. I was also worried that it would be discontinued. I posted about this very thing as I was debating a reissue tote but the SC won out - thankfully!

    Since you are waiting until the end of the year, you may have some more of an idea of the fate of the SC with the changing of the guard at LV. I believe the SC is here to stay even though Sofia was MJs muse. LV hasn't had a higher end bag that has become a true classic. Like you said, this suhali, which was divine, was phased out, and now the antheia and mahina. The classics, alma, speedy, now, pap, etc, etc were traditionally canvas and are at the lower end of the LV pricing spectrum. LVs old pattern was to release new bags month after month to sell volume. It has been made clear that the shift will be in the direction of Chanel and Hermes and the use of high end leathers. Keeping the SC, which is a take on the speedy, and was introduced in the taurillon leather last year, seems to quietly fall inline with this. I hope it's here to stay. It's my favorite LV bag - no doubt, no questions, the others are not even in the same ballpark. Good luck with your decision. Hopefully you can get both bags!
  5. Wait wait .. what leather was it produced in before?
  6. Thank you every one. I really appreciated your opinion.
    Clu13, yes I think my biggest concern is because SC is a collaboration between MJ n SC and now he is gone....well only time will tell.

    However, the SC line is really classic, no fuss no bling bling hardware, a bag that can I use and grow old with me.
  7. SC herself is still an LV associate, appearing in its current ad campaign. I'm pretty sure she has an independent contract with the organization, beyond MJ.
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    Is there more w/Sofia beyond the MJ's goodbye muse campaign? The current campaign is still MJ bags/ads.

  9. The original was calf - jasper and cobalt. There was also suede back in the day. Then the pm leather changed. And now some of the bags are part of the parnessea collection so they are using the luxury leathers.
  10. To Clu: No idea. I was responding to her being in the 2014 campaign, but I see that this was still under MJ's control. I also was thinking that since the SC is now part of Parnassea, it indicated a continuing collaboration.

    I hope that the SC items stay in the line, anyway.
  11. Oh thank you. I had the cobalt once upon a time. I now have the cherry pm ...Don't know if it's parnassea or calf .. but I love it to little pieces!

  12. Cherry is pre-parnassea. I think it was introduced in 2012.
  13. I also have both and cannot ever see selling either. The Chanel flap (I have the reissue 227) is great for my more formal events and my SC in Cherry is the perfect everyday or travel bag. The SC holds up wonderfully with kids too.

  14. I am thinking to purchase SC recently. but your concern is making me thinking twice.

    I might also want to sell this SC bag in the future, but if it is discontinued and the future re-sale price is gona be low...this would be a big factor for me to consider buying this bag...

  15. I thought the SC would be discontinued in 2012. I still bought it. Any other bag, that thought would have stopped me. I love it that much. I think at this price point you have to love it to pieces. No one knows it's LV as it is so they certainly won't know if it is discontinued LV if that happens. Resale will definitely affected of course. But if you are thinking resale, purses, and LV in particular are not the way to go - Hermes and chanel are better investments.