Vuitton RAZR Wallpapers

  1. Hey guys!

    I just got a new cellphone yesterday . . . finally got a RAZR. Anyhoo, I've been playing with it and I made some of my own wallpapers for the phone. I made black and white multicolore desktops just to fit the screen, so if anyone wants them, feel free. (You can transfer them to your phone via bluetooth)

    Love and Lollipops!
    blvdesk.jpg wlvdesk.jpg
  2. Very cool! Can you do the regular Mono?
  3. Thanks.. I have the white one:
    Need black one..
  4. Thanks OMG that's cool

  5. Ask and ye shall receive.
  6. Thank you! :flowers:

    Now how about Damier? :graucho:

  7. Hey greedy. :P

    Actually I've been trying to find a good hi-res straight on picture of the damier pattern, but no luck yet. I don't want to just make a checkerboard in Photoshop because I want the little criss-crossy lines that are on the real canvas. So we'll see.
  8. Do you want me to email you a pic from one of my Damier bags? PM me! :yes: I'll work for my request!
  9. I use the cersies on my rokr.
  10. hahaha..this is so fun!!! thanks!!!
  11. so how do i transfer it to my phone?! lol i love the MC! great work. will it work for my sidekick too?!
  12. Can you email the pic to the phone?
  13. I have no idea how to put these on my phone either.
  14. I need help too!
  15. Aww too cute!

    I want to make wallpapers for my razr now too! Much better than buying them from the cingular website!