Vuitton Paris only amex?

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  1. So, here is the deal.

    I live in the UK. and have been calling around for this item i want to get my sister for Christmas, i found it in Paris, but they don't accept VISA?? ONLY AMEX? Is this really so?

    I asked if I could have the item shipped and he said.. that' going to be a problem, only AMEX!

    Has anyone paid with Visa and still had an item shipped? Do they do wire transfer or anything else? I have just aplied for an amex now, but I'm scared it's going to take too long time. the store is Champs-Elysees.

  2. Surely they take maestro?

  3. funny how its the UK, and its only allowing AMERICAN express.
  4. well, the boutique is in paris.. but i find it really hard to believe.. I'm in the UK to have an amex is not that common here.
  5. I was just at that Paris store and I used a Mastercard there.
  6. At least you're able to shop with an Amex. I'm in the U.S. and want an item that only that store has and they will not take any CC from me. When one can't spend their money with a store one, speaking of myself, really needs to rethink patronizing said store. I'm having a problem with not being able to purchase something that I want from LV.... Sorry for the rant....
  7. how very bizarre. visa is so widely used I can't believe they say they only take amex. i've heard of amex not being accepted by businesses but not the other way around.
  8. I used a VISA
  9. I used visa at the Champs store.
  10. Did you guys used Visa when you wanted something SHIPPED to you?

    That's the problem I think.. that i want the item sent over.
  11. ^^ I use Mastercard and Visa with LV.. never had a problem.. its doesnt make sense!
  12. Thank you! It dosen't.. :sad:

    But the problem seemed to be that I wanted to have the item shipped from Paris to the UK, maybe I will call back.. :/