Vuitton Museum in Asnieres?

  1. Morning!

    I was wondering if anyone has actually visited the museum? I'm pretty sure you have to phone to arrange a visit, and as I'm thinking of going to Paris for the day in October (for my 40th!) and so was wondering if anyone had any info on getting there, and whether it's easy to get to from Paris? Is it open on a Saturday? If anyone else fancies the trip, then let me know!

    Many thanks for any help!

  2. What? There's a museum?? :nuts:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG OMG I just looked it up on google! Now I know where I want to go on vacation in September!!!!! :nuts:
  4. Hi Kathleen, I mean that the museum isn't open for public visits, (only for "special people"). Whe have a holyday house in France, and I'm planning to pass at the museum in the next time. I give you a mail-address, wher you can send an email and ask, if it's possible to visit the museum. It's the tourist-office of Asnieres sur Seine:
    Let us know, please, what they say. Good luck!!
  5. That's excellent, Altantique, many thanks! I'll send off an email and let you know how I got on!

    I have a phone number for the museum, but feel that my "schoolgirl french" just wouldn't make the grade for placing a calL!

    Thanks again

  6. If I can help you, you can give me the phone number and I'll call for you. I think that the tourist office will answer on your mail, if not, let me know it, and I'll call at the museum for you. Good luck!:smile:
  7. ^^^^^^^

    define "special people" ???? lol
    Jacques Chirac? Sarkozy? Madonna?
    i'm curious now......
  8. I want to know too!! I was angry at myself that I didn't go there just to see factory and family house (and try to be LV spy:graucho:). I know that you can take train from Paris (I think St Lazare) to Asnieres. Have fun!
  9. OH i would love to see it.
  10. I would so love to see this place - but sadly it sounds like it is only for VIP clients :sad: What does the museum contains? bags? the story of LV?
  11. Me too me too!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:Please reed: "Sorry for my English" at the end of my posts! I'm shure, that Mr Chirac, Sarkozy, and Madonna could visit the museum too. But I mean, that's for people who works for LV, for designers, VIP'S and so on. Maybe Kathleen can tell us, what the tourist office means, if they send her an answer. Otherwise I'll call at the museum myself.
  13. its the Vuitton Family home built around the 1920's. half of it still retains the original art-nouveau furniture and belongings and the rest is converted into a "History of Travel" museum showcasing the company's history from their earliest trunks and special order items to the current designs of MJ. the new building nearby is their actual trunks, exotics and S/O workshop still managed by LV's great-great-great-great-great-grandson Patrick-Louis Vuitton.
  14. Sorry eveyone, things have been a bit manic at the mo, but I'll be emailing the tourist office this week, and will let you know once I (hopefully) get a reply.

    Thanks again