Vuitton Matt for a guy?

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  1. Hi i was wondering what you girls thought about giving a guy a Matt agenda in black?? I know its suppose to be for girls but do you think it'll be ok?
  2. Oh yes!:nuts: He'll look really cool with it.:supacool:
  3. I always thought the mat line looked very masculine. I know they Louis Vuitton came out with a Glace line, very similar to Mat for the men.
  4. I think it'd be lovely, and very masculine.
  5. GET IT!!! it's like the Mat Glace line :yes:. i have the medium Mat agenda in black too :biggrin:, but i'm a girl, so disregard that :lol:
  6. YES YES YES im guy and i was in love with the glace agenda, i couldnt aford it at the time and when i could it was discontinued so i was so upset the glace/matt lines are very masculine if you ask me and absolutely gorgous, i heard the matt is better than the glace because it have more treaments and hence will not resist scratches more i mean thats what sa told me and she was trying to advertise the glace to me?!
  7. the mat has some shimmer , the glace doesn't
  8. Yes, get the Mat! DH wanted the Mat few yrs ago when it was still in production but was disappointed when the SA told him it was for girls. >.<
  9. I think the Matt is actually more masculine so I say go for it!
  10. haha thanks all! so the glace line has been discontiuned right? Or then i'll get the glace instead of the matt
  11. you can call 866-VUITTON and ask if they have anything in the Glace and Mat lines left. they'll search all their stores and ship it out to you
  12. I think it will suit a guy okay! :smile:
  13. I think it would be nice for a guy.