Vuitton itch, needs to be scratched! Am I alone?

  1. I know I just got the sophie, but I really got an inch! I want something in the new vernis color!!! Now!!!

    I hate when I get so impatient!

    Larissa really has me wanting an agenda. Augh!

    Does anyone else get like this obsessed with an idea and want it right now?
  2. Lol nope you're not! I really want my heart coin case :lol:
  3. yes!! when i want/need something, I usually want it right then and there!

    I believe Valleyfair is still open :graucho: There's a cure for your itch!!
  4. Yes, desperately right now and I just bought a piece 2 weeks ago and 2 weeks before that. But I think I will just get a small thing this time. Maybe a mini agenda in the new color... or a bracelet :yes:
  5. girl, you are not alone! I need to have so many new things! lol! I need the cles in that new color, it is stunning! I really want an Azur speedy! Now!
  6. I always have a bunch of LV itches that need to be scratched ASAP! This LV thing is clearly an obsession.... :p
  7. I feel the same way!!! I really want my black Obsessions NOW!!! :hysteric:

    I'll have to wait until Friday to get them though... :sad:
  8. Hahahaha! You guys!!! This place is really a support group, lol!
  9. LOL, I know but both of my regular SAs are off today, I called right after this itch started I will wait until tomorrow...and call to see if they have anything before I haul my cookies over there. Because if I go in this mood I will def. get something, even if it's not what I really want, KWIM?
  10. Yep Im that way too. You should get the vernis agenda, I have the framboise and I adore it!
  11. ohhh, I love those, can't wait to see you in them!!
  12. Oh yes. It's like going to the grocery store when you're hungry, haha!

    I hope they have something you like tomorrow!
  13. And you know we'll want pics when your itch it scratched!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: So true. Good luck Twinkle and can't wait for pics Juan!
  15. Yes I hear you.

    I want my Pochette Accessoires and Pochette Cles now!!!!

    But no, I got to wait until this evening.