Vuitton iPod cases?

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  1. Hey guys. I woke up this morning thinking about an upcoming birthday. Someone very special to me. So I was thinking about a 30GB video iPod. Then I thought that this gift alone was too plain, so I thought of how to jazz it up, and of course thought LOUIS VUITTON! So I go on vuitton's website and find the iPod cases. It appears though, that these are for the old generation iPod, as the new ones have the earphone jack on the right hand side. Does anyone know if Vuitton makes cases for the new video iPod's as well? Maybe, they just haven't updated the photo of the case? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all! :amuse:
  2. you are thinking the same thing as mine...I bought the new iPod and I really want the louis vuitton MC cases for my iPod too!!! Any one know anythings??
  3. Yes, I do believe we are thinking of the same thing. Only difference is I just want the classic monogram. Multicolor would be very pretty though!

    I hope someone can help us!!
  4. Have you called your SA? I know that they now make one for the nano also.
  5. Yes, I was considering JUST buying the nano because there was a case to go along with it. The nano isn't large enough though, in terms of song space. Only 1,000...
  6. I have every CD I own on mine and every song, and I download off Itunes constantly, I still only have 620.

    I could never listen to all of them anyway. But yea, if you want more space it's best to go with one of the bigger ones. Maybe you should email LV and tell them to keep up with the product changes. :smile:
  7. Speedysteph has one, and she posted pictures of how her newer ipod still fits into the older LV cases. :smile:
  8. i was considering doing the same thing :nuts:.....i had an ipod mini which i gave away and bought another MP3 player, but seeing how cute the nano is and seeing LV's new case for it has made me consider buying one just so i can get the cover :blink:
  9. my SA said that the 30g video fits into the regular ipod case and they now have a nano case.
  10. I bought the Monogram canvas one for my girlfriend's iPod video. The hole for the headphones is on the center of the case, instead of the right hand side. However, it fits fine. I ordered through 866-vuitton for $215 with free shipping. I got it right before Vuitton raised their prices.
  11. I was thinking of getting the MC case for the iPod Mini, but I don't know how well it would work for me if I got the Nano in the future. I don't want to be stuck with a $230 iPod case that I can't use.
  12. Yeah, right now I have 2,962 songs + 3,472 photos + 4 music vids. I really do need the space! Lol. But now that I know that the other Vuitton cases with the hole in the center DOES fit the video iPods. I feel better! Thanks guys! :smile:
  13. would the MC case fit the iPod video 60gb?
  14. WOW! I bet you have some fantastic music!!! You must have very eclectic taste. :nuts: