Vuitton in London??

  1. I've been going half crazy over all those Azur threads these last days because, as some of you know, there's no LV in Iceland and I don't have a trip planned untill jan. Anyway, I just got a call from a friend last night who happens to be in London and she offered to go get the speedy for me :yahoo: So I went to UK to check out the price of it and then I saw it was sold out online, does anyone know if they are sold out in the stores as well :confused1: Now I'm going crazy wondering wether she gets one or not :Push:
  2. If it's sold out online, it doesnt mean it's sold out in stores too. There is 6 LV stores in London, lets hope your friend will get you the speedy :yes:
  3. Ugh, I just called her and they were already sold out in Bond street and Selfridges :sad:
  4. Oh that doesnt sound good :sad:
  5. Have her check the smaller less frequented stores...
  6. i hope your friend manages to snag ya one! it's gorgeous!
  7. Me to, I feel like a kid on christmas who's been a little naughty and isn't sure wether Santa will show up or not :hysteric:
  8. Good Luck vibes to you! :yes:
  9. :yahoo: She got it she got it :yahoo: And she's coming home tonight :wlae: Thanks so much for the well wishes and good vibes, they obviously worked!!!
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