Vuitton Hudson! Howmany holes does the closure-strap has?


Mar 20, 2006
Hi everybody!

I have a very big question! I'm going to buy a vuitton hudson bag on ebay in a few hours. As i can see on the photo the closure strap has just one hole to adjust it.
Does anybody know how many holes the closure strap has?
I'm looking forward to your answers!
Here is the picture of the bag:
I don't have it, I wish I could be of more help! But, thanks for starting your thread :nuts: Now maybe more LV-savvy members will see it and be able to help you out :biggrin:
Oh no. I don't know what to do! I really want this bag!
And here in Hamburg/Germany it costs about 920 €! Pretty much...
Could it be the right distance between the two holes on the photo, so that the loop can cover the second one?
Sorry for my english! I hope u can understand me a bit ;)
it stands at 300 €, about 480 USD, and there are 5 hours left...
So the price still gets higher and higher..
The bag has been used and you also get a copy of the receipt. Not the original because there are more items on it...
It was bought in a flagship store in paris...