Vuitton for little girls

  1. Little girls RTW collection by Vuitton. A photo I took of the girls collection in the Landmark Store, Hong Kong recently.
    little girls.jpg
  2. So cute!!
  3. Get 'em while they are young, I guess. Very cute but I would never buy it for my kids (not that I have any) unless I was a billionaire LOL
  4. Cute..
  5. Unnecessary.
  6. Cute but wouldn't spend insane amounts of money on children's clothes that they are going to outgrow in 3 months. :yes:
  7. As fast as my son grows out of clothes, and ruins them with stains, there is no way I could see myself buying the boys clothes for him. I prefer Gymboree because it's sturdy, and it's not too expensive to where I could careless if he stains them.
  8. Cute though, I looove my girls but they will stick to Old Navy and Gap thank you:rolleyes:
  9. Yes yes yes !

    Advantages of being able to fit into larger children clothes.. :graucho:
  10. Cute!
  11. Cute but waste of $, LV needs to stick with adults.
  12. Wow.. not sure what to think about that???:s
  13. Pshhhh. When I was that age I never took care of my clothes and was always spilling stuff on me.

    I would have a heart attack.
    I could only warrant that if I was a millionare.
  14. Now I definately want kids.
  15. I plan on adopting a girl in about 5-10 years...

    she will definently be sporting that!! :smile: