Vuitton Fans! I need your advise

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    I have a little reasonable collection of LV, a lot of monogram, some epi, some others and two Kusama. I want to add Damier Ebene , I want that pattern, but not a clue of what to choose. I f you can see my collection, and suggest me something to fill the "NEED" of a DE I will apprecciate that. I'm not considering tiny purses or pochette. (I'm planning to go tomorrow to LV, for a DE)
    Your professional and experienced advise will be appreciatted
  2. Nf?
  3. You have a great collection started so far! Bloomsbury? Are you looking for a bigger/smaller bag? zip/open top?
  4. How about the Evora? (I'm forever suggesting that one because I love it :smile:
  5. Id suggest a neverfull because you don't have anything similar to it in LV..other than the totaly. I love my NF
  6. neverfull
  7. louis-vuitton-damier-canvas-cabas-rivington-n41108-handbag.jpg

  8. Or the new portobello
  9. How about the portabello? I have it and love it!
  10. Speedy or Trevi PM!
  11. How about the Speedy B or the Portobello?
    Good luck deciding!
  12. Thanks to all of you that are helping me in this brainstorming!

    I was always considering for my first DE:

    a speedy 35 or the NF or the Cabas Rivington (that LVGUCCILV) suggested.

    The second series of choices:

    cabas rosebery
    Besace Rosebery

    Bloomsbery-I dont like the "pleats" I wish it look more like the Odeon

    I will go and see the Westminster and Rivington GM (to get the feeling of the pleats)

    but, since this is not a real need, its just that I want a DE, I want to be carefull with what I choose.

    Considering that this will be "a winter bag"

    I will like to get some feedback of the runnerups :smile::smile::smile::smile:
  13. The OP has a Kusama NF so I don't think she'd want another. I think the new bag, Portobello (sp?) would be perfect! Or the Westiminster.
  14. Westminster, Hampstead or Portobello?

    PS: great collection :biggrin: