Vuitton FALL WINTER 2008/2009 accessoires on

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  1. New HOT pictures!

    final names not yet revealed:

    Leather Embossed Speedy


    Curled metal belt


    Metallic handbag

    Suede Platform pump


    Embossed Leather Handbag
  2. [​IMG]
    Lambskin gloves


    Suede Leather embossed monogram handbag with python handles.
  3. ooo thanks for posting
  4. LOVE the Speedy and the metallic bag! :nuts: But those shoes...what are they thinking?
  5. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Aren't the belt and the gloves HOT HOT HOT!??? :drool:
  7. And oh, I think the speedy will be a big hit. Probably be prized rather high and many produced.

    THe tassels need to go though
  8. Love the Metallic handbag! The gloves are so chic.....oh and I would wear the shoes too!
  9. Agree on the tassels they need to go and the heels have a 9" heels so not really that wearable
  10. I like the metallic bag!
  11. Thanks for posting!
  12. Very nice. I like the embossed leather items. Thanks for posting.
  13. I love that red bag, I think the tassle suits it. I like the metallic bag too but could do without the tassle on that one... seems superfluous. I like the suede/python bag as well but would have to see it IRL and how it's worn. The speedy is cute, not sure if it's my style though. And the shoes... :weird:.
  14. Thank you for the pics. I just can't relate.....:nogood:
  15. Thanks for the pictures :heart: I love the silver bag!