Vuitton Epi vs. Dior Saddle Bag?

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  1. I can't decide what I want.

    I'm going to NYC in late April and can't decide what handbag I'd rather have. A Vuitton Epi Speedy 25 in Black or a Dior Saddle Bag (Non-jacquard logo canvas). I am thinking either the Hawaiian Glamour, or the one from the Detective line, probably in the cream-ish colour.

    So, I have 2 handbags - a Chanel Cambon Pochette (pale pink) and a Vuitton monogram canvas ellipse PM. The Chanel is lovely and I adore it, but it doesn't quite go with a blue sweater that well. I love my Vuitton as it was my first, but I feel the want for another handbag. The fact that I already have a Vuitton is what turns me off of getting another one, at least for the next little while. Unlike the monogram, its more subtle. But then again, so is the Dior Detective Saddle Bag. But then again, I love the Hawaiian Glamour because its colorful. But by next summer, will I feel like the bag is too "young" for me?

    So I can't decide. Any one have any suggestions/opinions/points? Please feel free.
  2. I am in love with Vuitton Epi - and I don't really like the Saddle shape. So go with the Epi!
  3. I'd say if you're going to go for a saddle go for the detective, its leather. I have a bunch of both leather and cloth saddles, but prefer the leather in terms of durability. This is important because the saddle doesn't have feet or anything when its put down.

    The Epi and the Saddle are two totally different bags. Do you want something more classy or something more young and fun? I have a collection of saddles so I'm partial to them :lol: However I love LV too. In this case I'd say saddle though, the Epi speedy doesnt really do anything for me.
  4. Dior saddle!!!
  5. I like epi....nice and classy....good and durable material....reds and blacks are nice.....I saw the epi black was better in person than I expected. Personally, I'm a fan of their red epi alma!
  6. ^^ The young and fun thing is kinda what I wondered about - and what is turning me from the Vuitton Speedy.

    I love the shape of the Speedy. But I'm not quite into monogram canvas at the moment. I do like the black... but the golden hardware is a turn off.

    Is there an age when you can be too young to carry a bag? The Speedy looks maybe more professional? But as a young adult, can I pull it off? The Speedy looking at it... well, carries a lot. Can you still carry a decent amount of stuff in a Saddle? I'm not one who carries a ton - but can it fit keys, a wallet, change purse, cell phone, etc?

    Sorry for the long posts...:shame:
  7. I don't think a saddle will accomadate that! I agree with Noriko, If you do go for a saddle, get the leather one. I still however would choose the epi over the saddle by a long shot.
  8. Definitely Epi! I don't like the fact that most of the Dior bags will be on sale at the end of the season.
  9. The saddle all the way, gorgeous bags!!
  10. I'd go for the epi speedy, its versatile and classic.
  11. lol its a 2005 thread think she made her choice by now ;)
  12. The Epi!! its a classic that u can use till it falls apart...if it falls apart :yes:
  13. lol, just read the last posting....that's funny how did a 05 thread get dugged up.
  14. :wtf:
    I didn't know they get marked down like that - I would hate that!

    Being that this is an old thread - how about an update on what you ended up getting?

  15. she hasnt logged on the forum since march last year :sad: