Vuitton epi pochette vs. Chanel classic flap

  1. I'm am looking for a nice formal schoulder bag. Lately i've been loving the Chanel but the price is steep and i won't be using it daily. I've loved the Louis for a longer time but i prefer gold hard's not that big of a deal dough. I love the shape and the leather but i'm affraid it will look small on my 5'5 size 12 frame. (i'm also used to my carry the kitchen sink bags) Please give me some advice.

    (the pics are not mine)
    Chanel2.JPG lvblack1.jpg
  2. I love the Epi from Louis Vuitton. I think the shape and size is perfect.
  3. Chanel is steep but if you can afford it I'll go for CHANEL...
    even if you dont use it everyday, its a classic!
    and will get to use it till forever and still be stylish and beautiful!
    Love the LV too but between the two.... CHANEL:love:
  4. These two bags are totally different. If you go somewhere abroad (outside EU) you could buy the chanel and get the epi pochette with the tax refund...

    I*d go for epi over Chanel any day, any style, so I'd go for the epi pochette. I'd rather go for a more sizable one though. There are quite a number of choices in sizes just above this one.
  5. i prefer the chanel...
  6. I'd get the Chanel, hands down.

    That said, they are totally different bags. I think both will clearly stand the test of time but the Chanel, is IMHO, the epitomy of elegance. Can you tell I am a huge Chanel fan?
  7. I'd go for the chanel, for same reasons as everyone else - it is very timeless and classic.
  8. DEFINITELY the Chanel. It's worth the extra money for something that will always be in style.
  9. Chanel absolutely.
  10. I would go for the Chanel any day if you have the funds... The LV is nice but the Chanel is in a league of it own! :girlsigh:
  11. i prefer the chanel
  12. Very different bags. Chanel by a mile.
  13. Although I also love the Chanel, get the one you think you'll use more... which sounds like the Epi.
  14. Louis Vuitton
  15. Honestly, by a small margin the Chanel, even with it being pricey because it's a classic and it probably can fit more. If it came down to money, I think you will generally find what you're looking for in the LV.