Vuitton earrings for sensitive ears?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had problems wearing the "fancy" LV jewelry earrings (non 14kt gold). I have sensitive ears.....
  2. I have sensitive ears too and have not had any problems
  3. I have the gold plated Sweet Monogram earrings and haven't had any problems either. I just always take them out at night. :yes:
  4. Do they leave a dark "mark" if you wear them for several hours ?? TIA !!
  5. On where, my ears or on the earrings?
    I haven't noticed any weird coloring on either after wearing them. :nogood:
  6. ^^^
    lol. whenever I wear earrings other than 14k, my ear lobes have dark marks on them from contact with the earring!!
  7. No problems here either.
  8. The best tip that I just learned from someone with super sensitive ears, is to dip the earring post into neosporine prior to putting inside the ear for wear. I did this with a cheap pair of H&M earrings that literally caused my ears to hurt and was able to wear them all day and night. My LV fancy jewelry has never hurt, but my Chanel stuff has, and so I will be doing this in the future

  9. hey Lvbabydoll,

    was wondering which color of lv sweet mono earrings did u get? was it the orange color set? i've seen it from your pictures, one of the lv symbol earrings actually look yellow and it's different from what i've seen in lv website. or perhaps the flash that causes the color turn out to be different?

    thanks in advance ! btw, great collection u've got there !:yahoo:
  10. ^ Why not PM the member ? These posts are from a year ago so this thread might not get checked ! :yes:
  11. I have the original set which was the first Sweet Monogram earring set to be released and is no longer available. It comes with the reddish flower, yellow pointed flower/star and the gold LV heart.

    And thanks!

    Thanks to ayla too. ;)
  12. I had the bubbles earrings and had to sell them. My ears got sore and red after wearing them.
  13. Yes, it just looks so fabulous ! so pretty ! where did you get that pair of earrings from? oh noooo, i wanted it so badly and now there is no more left ?
  14. ^^try ebay...they show up there every now and then.
  15. That is so disappointing. I have major sensitive ears and can only wear a pair of diamond studs my DH gave me about 10 years ago or I wear Simply Whispers brand.

    I am going to try RedDuchess trick with the Neosporin though! I never thought of that.

    BTW, Glad this thread was dug up!