Vuitton Desk!

  1. Well, not really. But I was at this awesome antique store here in Ann Arbor today and I saw this desk . . . the V design is like the EXACT SAME as on the new men's bags for the fall. And the desk is totally gorgeous in and of itself. Too bad it cost about as much as a new keepall . . .
  2. Hahha.. that's kind of cute.
  3. Wow! That really is beautiful! Do you know what year it was from?
  4. No clue, although I can't believe it's too old because it's in SUCH good condition. I'm going back monday to buy a chest of drawers, so maybe I can get some more info.
  5. Keep us updated! I'm very curious! I love possible inspiration pieces lol
  6. me likey!!!! :graucho: but that's just too uncanny.
  7. I like it!!!! Let us know what else you find out about it!
  8. I love it ! it does look like the men's bag!