vuitton corsaire polka dot.

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  1. I don't know if anyone has this bag, but the gf wants one....I think she picked probably the most expensive bag she could find, I know they are discontinued, but are there any ever on eBay that are less than the actual price....btw, I think that if I find one this will be her b-day/x-mas present for the next two years!!!:wtf:
  2. I had one but I had to return it, I'd advise her to get something else it is a VERY heavy bag it cuts off your circulation (I'm not joking) but the problem was the blue "paintwork" on the handles crack and flake off leaving very obvious white lines there is no way around it it's because the bag is too heavy the gold and silver on the trunks and bags buttons also wears off.

    I do love the bag but I'm glad I got to experience it but it's just not worth the money. LV declared that the bag could not be repaired and sadly it was destroyed, you may still find them but this defect will happen sorry
  3. I would try and talk her into something else as well!
  4. i think that if I slowly go down the line, and ease her into something else it will work out, maybe just a monogram denim bag...hopefully tihs works, and thanks for the advise about the rubbing off!:smile:
  5. ^ No problem I'd be happy to chat with her with her over the problems (or yourself) just Pm me
  6. I saw another one at my local LV, but I would take Label Addict's advice, as she experienced carrying this bag firsthand......but you're right, it's SOOOO pretty to look at. Would never have guessed it was so heavy and had all those problems.....
  7. I would try and talk to her.
  8. she is not happy..but has considered another bag like the miroir speedy,i WISH SHE WOULD PICK SOMETHING THAT i COULD JUST BUY FROM THE BOUTIQUE, but this is fine, I can find a good deal on eBay probably before her b-day on october 20.....hopefully!
  9. I did see a corsaire at the LV in Tampa International Mall today. They had all the patchwork denims and the clouds styles too.
  10. honestly she may not be happy but it is the best choice not to get it she'd only be dissapointed in the long run as much as I love the bag it was a PITA

    If you go for a miroir speedy make sure to get it authenticated in the authenticate this thread and check the base for stress marks

    Alternatively why not have her look over my summary thread (link in sig) and see if there's anything she likes there those bags aren't out yet so you can still get on the waitlist and many are limited edition which I'm guessing is what she's looking for.