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  1. Just showing some new items on
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    mc sans.jpg sans.jpg sanse.jpg snad2.jpg yum sand.jpg
  2. More .....
    cute sans.jpg hot sas .jpg more sass.jpg mre san.jpg
  3. Must
    croisette sandals
  4. ^^^^ Aren't the new items just awesome ? there are so many i'd love!
  5. I love the new sandals, so tempting. Love mostly all of um in the first post. I also :love: love the sneakers with the flower and Louis Vuitton written.
  6. Those pop at me, too! :love: I would love a flat mule for lazy summer days, too. :tender:
  7. I think I saw these..I don't rember when, but the Manyaras looks SO comfy IMO.
    Thanks for the pics!
  8. Nice!!! Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  9. Am I missing something? I didn't see that picture. :confused1: But I did really like all the other ones I saw.
  10. here you go..
    sneak 1 .jpg sneak 2 .jpg sneak 3 .jpg
  11. Thanks for info, that grenadine sandal looks fab!
  12. Thanks so much Bag Fetish! Those are some nice looking sneaks! I especially like the mini-lin ones.
  13. thanks for the info!
  14. I so want those miroir sneakers
  15. Thanks for posting these really hot pictures, now I can lust over and over again! :drool: :shame: