has PICS of all AMARANTE!

  1. Just to let you all know that has pics of all amarante.

    I am really not feeling the bedford...I don't like the contrast of the light vachetta wrapped around with the dark amarante color.

    I love the Houston, Brentwood and Roxbury...Smoking! No sunset pics though!
  2. Thanks for sharing :heart:
  3. No problem...I have been checking like a fiend to see pics!:drool:
  4. thanks!!! i just checked it out....i realllly love this color!!
  5. this color is going to be the death of me! i feel like i must own every piece made in it lol! it is SO fabulous!!
  6. The colour is just unbelievable! Though I must say, the number of threads on Amarante is getting slighly out of hand :roflmfao:
  7. Yes~ It gets like this when a new line hits the boards. My zippy and sunset should be here any time now...I also have a houston in my shopping cart. :drool:....I am Such a Fall Girl and I have truely fallen off the wagon:wtf:
  8. Well I am not complaining! :biggrin: :biggrin: I love seeing eye candy and everyone's purchases. I hope yours will come soon so that you can show us your new babies :yahoo:
  9. I've just seen Amarante colour on UK...lovely colour!!! especially SUMMIT DRIVE AND SUNSET BOULEVARD IN Amarante colour!!!!! TDF!!!
  10. I was just coming to start this thread !

    Sunset is on
  11. i thought i would like it so much more...
  12. So have I Ghost! Thanks for the update.
  13. sunset is soooo pretty !!
  14. finally! nice stuff :drool:
  15. isn't it gorgeous!?! I want a brentwood, sunset, zippy, & cles ... maybe a roxy too ... wish I had the money!!