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  1. :tdown: I wanna buy LV at French prices!!!!!

    Anybody else?

    heehee- anybody know somebody with a French address?

    :graucho::P I'm just jealous- but who wouldn't be with those prices!!!
  2. Seriously!
  3. could you imagine?

    that would be D-I-V-I-N-E!!
  4. Are the prices that much cheaper then?

    *ponders trip on Eurostar*
  5. I agree Frozen_Alaska! My collection could really blossom at those prices, I would be so out of control, perhaps I already am, hmmm! Ha!
  6. French prices w/o tax. ^_^
  7. There are just no disadvantages to France, eh? If I lived there, I probably would have discovered LV as a teen.
  8. Actually, I do know someone in France and I know someone who goes to France often. My SO/BF's sister lives in a suburb of Paris. I know if I was closer to her and my income level rises, I'd have her going to the mothership at least once a week. For now I'll just wait for him or his mom to go and bring back things with the VAT back. I think she's going next month....hmm, which one next? I'm thinking of a cles or wallet.
  9. argh. for real- I need to find a very reliable PENPAL from France!!!

  10. On a recent trip to Paris, my sister and I walked out of the Champs des Elysses store (the largest LV in the world) with three bags. We have since said we will never buy LV in a US store again- not only are the bags cheaper in the end (12% tax refund), they say "made in France" unlike the US purchased goods.
    If you were intending to make a rather large purchase (big ticket items like luggage or such), my advice would be to pair your shopping expeditition with a trip to France!
  11. I could only dream of it......
  12. How much cheeper is it?
  13. Bump...

    I would like to know how much cheaper, or where to find out, I'm guessing I should go to the website. My inlaws are heading to France in the fall and will be in Paris for a few days. I would like to know so I can save up and have them grab me something...thanks!
  14. well........ if you check out the French site for LV- the prices are in Euros in the catalog section- after you find the Euro price Google "___ Euros=" and it'll automatically change Euros over to American Dollars. Even if you can't read French- the layout is exactly like the American layout- easy to navigate

    Like----- The MC Speedy- here in America it's $1910? It's 1275 Euros which equals $1713 USD. So- roughly $200 savings. + It's probably stamped made in France and you get VAT taxes back IF you leave with the bag at a major airport (from what I've gathered- it's been so long since that thread- correct me please if I"m wrong)
  15. Just to add to frozen_alaska's info, you get 12.5% VAT back. We didn't have to levae our bags (they didn't even ask to see them). You just have to have the receipt and get the form stamped so you can send it off for your refund.
    We estimate we saved between $150-200 on each bag. That adds up! :smile: Plus, like frozen_alaska said, they do said "Made in France" which not only makes it a lasting souvenier of Paris. I personally prefer a French designer bag be made in France. But I'm picky :smile:
    If you have any more questions, I'll be happy to answer since I took a very recent trip.