Vuitton Charms Cles

  1. Hi everyone is the pink charms cles still for sale or are they sold out? thanks
  2. I don't think they're sold out yet. Your boutique could probably track one down for you if they don't have one in stock, or you could always call 866-VUITTON. Good luck!

    I have the charms cles in fuchsia and another in taupe, I love how roomy they are compared to some of the other cles :smile:
  3. Oooh, if you find some, let us know where.
  4. what does it look like?? Is it possible there is something I have never seen??? lol
  5. There are usually some on eluxury and I know for sure that my store in Fashion Valley (both the boutique and Neiman's) have everything from the Charms line in every color. I still need to get a white one.
    They look like this:
  6. 2 weeks ago, i was in the lv on 5th avenue and they still had some fuchsia left. I got the taupe though! Jus tlike lvbabydoll's! It's beautiful!
  7. Thanks but that's from eBay actually, it isn't mine. Just so no one thinks I'm stealing pics hehe. I want a white one. :smile:
  8. I bought the brown one like above and it is great. My cell phone fits in it along w/ cash, and credit card. I have the really thin new phone.
  9. What are all the colors these come in?
  10. The colors are fuchsia, white and taupe.
  11. Thanks!
  12. You're welcome :smile:
  13. Thanks for your help! I may be going to LV this weekend or next so I must check them out!
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