Vuitton channeling BBags??

  1. haha.. i thought the same thing when i saw them in the store today!!
    it just looks kinda weird on an lv bag.
  2. thats one ugly bag :throwup:

    the b bags have the hardware, but still remain simple. this bag is FAR from simple...

    nice try marc, but you failed
  3. One word: HIDEOUS.

    And i love how the seller tried not once, but twice in the auction to spell "Rivet" and got it wrong.

  4. thoughts's like "let's do Balenciaga, but let's make it as gaudy as hell!!" :yucky: )

  5. i think it is an interesting bag actually...although it is wierd why Vuitton would come up with a design so similar to a balenciaga bag...

    I'd get it if it wasn't such a hefty price and if it wasn't already 'done' by balenciaga
  6. whatttt??? sooo not LV. disappointed with marc jacobs :sad:
  7. :yucky: Too many studs for my preference...
  8. No,I never seen it yet, it looks nice.
    Under the bag in your picture there is a advertising.
    If I find it on italian fashion magazines I'll post it for you...:yes:
  9. :throwup:
  10. Oh, Vuitton... I know some love the brand but this the kind of thing that I expect from them, much as I love Marc Jacobs.:blah:
  11. It's hideous and tacky. But don't you girls think Prada/Miu Miu tried to copy the colour variety in bags with the latest coffre bags?
  12. scarlett looks gorgeous here though :p
  13. Did MArc J do these? He might not have done them.
  14. although it's not MJ's designs, i think as the head of the creative, he must agreed on every single design made by the team.
    especially a bag as "big" as this that's featured in magz and all.