Vuitton Cerises! Need Help!!!


Mar 6, 2006
Hi everyone,
I am new, I registered yesterday.
I read a lot of threads about the vuitton cerises and other bags and was wondering if you guys think the cerises collection is worth owning. I mean, I like Louis Vuitton, but I thought the cerises collections was a bit too much and now it's almost impossible to get. And as time goes by, they will all be gone...
I was told that some boutiques still have the keepall and the sac plat and was thinking if I should get one while I can..
What do you guys think?? I need help~~~
yeah, get it while you can. If you don't like it to carry, keep it as new and sell it later when it's worth a LOT more. That's what I might do with the Perfo collection.
I have a Sac Plat and Pochette. I think they're really cute. Get it if you can. I know there's a few of these two styles floating around at the boutiques still. Also - the keepall I think is around also. The speedy and bucket are sold out everywhere. I tried about a month ago!
I love monogram cerises! :love: :love: :love: :love: Only in the speedy or bucket though. I think I like the little cherries better. I've been looking around ebay but too many fakes! But if you like the sac plat/keepall go for it! But the speedy or bucket is #1 on my list now :biggrin:
Yes, it is worth it!!! Apologies for the picture whoring, but this may help you decide yes or no:


The bucket is so elegant I wear it out (with a black knit suit) to dinners and lectures. It has gotten the most compliments from any of my bags. I say YES!

I also want the Speedy (soon!). You can try to ask members here if they want to sell theirs. I know that JC successfully sold her Speedy last week to a very lucky member here!

Superbaby, your Lezard Cerises is so gorgeous! I love the golden brass S-lock clip. Can you show us a picture of the inside? It must be as gorgeous as the outside.