Vuitton Cabas Mezzo vs. YSL Muse

  1. i'm looking to getting a lv cabas mezzo. i've seen them on people before but i'm still a little unsure about the bag's exact size. is it relative to the size of the oversized muse? i've heard the measurements as 16x13" and also 19x13" ..... 19x13" sounds perfect but i'm not exactly sure which is right. can any of you help?
  2. yeah i've seen that but i've still heard otherwise. i need to go into lv soon and see for myself. i'm hoping it's the same size or even bigger than the oversized muse--that would be perfect.
  3. decided on cabas alto... :heart:
  4. I didn't know the Alto was still around.
    Anyway, here is a picture of me with my Mezzo..
  5. Im pretty sure the Alto was discontinued!:sad:
  6. i prefer the YSL Muse. i don't like the LV Cabas bags, especially with the all-vachetta bottoms. you'll have hell trying to keep them clean.
  7. it was discontinued, but i am custom ordering this size in damier with a zip on the top :nuts:
  8. i love my muses...they're my fave bags that i own, i've just always wanted a cabas...just something about it that i love...i don't mind the vachetta getting dirty either :angel:
  9. Ah-lucky you, then! I didn't know you could still SO discontinued styles!
    Then again I've never really asked about it lol :lol:
  10. My Cabas bottom has been through everything and you can hardly notice a mark on it unless you hold it up to your face and examine it.
  11. I didnt know this either! hmmmmm....
  12. I loooove the Cabas Alto... :biggrin: