Vuitton Bronze Vernis Forsyth Bag

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  1. I just purchased a bronze Vernis Forsyth bag and was wondering if anyone knows when the Forsyth was made and if it is still being made. Also, is LV still making bags in the bronze vernis color?

    Any info you have is greatly appreciated.
  2. I can't say I'm familar with the vernis forsyth bag. However the bronze color in the vernis bag has indeed been discontinued. I love the color and purchased the last bedford in the bronze color at LV. Luckily enough they were also able to locate a wallet and a small ring agenda for me. Last I checked with LV there is no longer anything available in the bronze thru them:sad: :sad: :sad:
  3. Thanks for your info. I think the bronze is a beautiful, classic color.

    The Forsyth is kind of triangle shaped with a top handle - very structured.
  4. Ohhhh, do you have pictures? I would love to see this bag!
  5. is the patent leather really easily smudged with fingerprints?
  6. What's the date code on the bag?
  7. Never seen this style too, can you provide pictures for us if possible?
  8. Hey Fayden, nah the vernis isn't easily smudged with fingerprints. In fact, unless your fingers are really dirty and you push down the bag hard, I find it hard to leave fingerprints :amuse:
  9. The Forsyth is a discontinued style. I actually find the shape of it quite interesting .. I don't have a pic, but it's kind of triangular or trapezoidal in shape, with small handles so you can carry it by hand. Post pics please, because I don't think my description was very good ..
  10. I will try to post a pic. Here goes...[​IMG]
  11. By the way...I have forgotten my manners. Thanks to all of you for your information.

    I saw the bag and fell in love with it. I love a very structured bag and the bronze color is a classic, in my opinion. I think the shape is very eye-catching. Does anyone know how long this bag has been discontinued? Or how long the bronze color has been dicontinued?

    Thank you again...
  12. Have you tried calling LV (866-VUITTON):oh: Maybe they can tell:amuse: Do let us know if you find out. It is a beautiful shape. Use it well:love:
  13. There's also a smaller version of the bag, it's really adorable !
  14. how cute!! thanks for the posting the pic =)
  15. That's such a gorgeous color, and rolled handles are so elegant. Wow! It's kind of like a 4-sided pyramid. Maybe it should be worshipped. :smile: lol