Vuitton Books

  1. So, I know there are a few books out there, "Birth of Luxury" etc, and I thought we might see how many of the different colours of the Travel Guides we all have!

    I absolutely can't recommend them at all. Content is rubbish. Not that it's incorrect about anything, just that there is so little info. Having said that, I still think they look lovely, even if they are pretty useless...!!!

    (And I think I got the notelets as a consolation prize, because the books are so carp...)
  2. Im really interested in what they acctually are? Are they guides on what to see, do, eat etc. in certain cities? and what does it have to do with lv? or is it that the essence of lv is luggage hence traveling hence a guide to what to do when traveling? well i dont buy travel guides and certainly not designer ones that are crap
  3. Sorry, I should have taken a picture of the side, as this is the "European City" edition, and it's a book box, with about 6 or so smaller separate guides which slide in.

    I'll try and remember to take a couple of photo's this evening, and a couple of snaps of some of the content pages. Like I said, travel guides, but with minimal info.

  4. Yes please take a few pics of the Birth of Luxury someone! I´m pondering should I order it and spend huge amounts on a mere book.
  5. YESSSS, order the 'Birth of Luxury'!! It's sooooo friggin huge and so informative :smile: Lots of reading and interesting facts!

    I had mine shipped from to Germany when it was on sale :biggrin:
  6. i don't think of the "birth of luxury" book as a book.. i think of it as a coffee table book..

    but then again, i DO get a bit antsy if people go flipping through it though. lol. i don't know why.. i have current magazines for them to read rather the LV book.. it's more for decoration I think. i have the celine dion "for keeps" book too, just for decor, though i have read through it completely myself... i rather others not go through it for their own leisure.

    i dont know why i do that.

    i think the only coffee table books i can allow my guests to go through would be photobooks. haha.
  7. Thanks girls! I think I will have to order it now when I get a good deal.
  8. here's my City Guide set:

    the recommendations are ok. but don't expect it to be something similar to a Lonely Planet travel guide... but im not complaining.... i got this for free! :wlae:

    i've also got a book about Bernard Arnault and the formation of LVMH, besides "Birth of Modern Luxury" of course. i got that one as soon as it came out late last year :yes:
  9. I have the Birth of Luxury book....just ordered it from 866. I haven't had a chance to sit down and look through it (thankfully fall break is coming I will get some pleasure reading in!)

  10. OMG..I feel the same way too..I got nervous when people flip through it. They were pretty rough with it.
  11. I have the Modern Luxury book as well! It's definitely an interesting book and I love reading a bit of it when I get the chance!
  12. :yahoo: I just ordered the Book! History of LV! Let you know when she gets here! :yes:
  13. I have the birth of modern luxury book. It's huge and I have yet to read it. Mines a keeper as it is getting rare to find them.
  14. Ok, I'm in!:yes:

  15. I'M IN TOO. BIRTH OF MODERN LUXURY!!! Could someone post pic of travel guide contents???