vuitton birthday story!

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  1. my amazing bf got me a damier speedy 30 from eluxury for my bday on saturday. Right after he gave me the bag we left for Atlantic City (our little vegas). As were driving i notice a slice in the canvas all the way at the bottom. I obviously start freaking!! So first thing i did was go into lv in ceasars. I showed the manager the problem and she was like ok u can exchange it.. (but the thing was he bought it on eluxury, and i really didnt wanna wait 2 weeks to get my new bag exchanged)..she asked for his name and i told her Leon XXXXX. She looks it up and shes like hmm.. i only see stephanie XXXXX... so im like ye ye ye thats his sister (even tho i dont know who in the world she was)... so basically this girl stephanie with the same last name as my bf bought a damier speedy in the past 30 days and they exchanged it for me!!!!! (= i know im really sneaky , im sorry but the best part is that the friendly sa found a Made in France speedy (=. Im so happy now;
    I also got a damier 4-key holder and bought myself a monogram eugenie..
  2. congrats :tup: but its hard to read with the fonts u chosen...:p maybe its just me:sweatdrop:
  3. sorry heres a better font ^^:heart:
  4. Congrats!!! Not to be rude, but my eyes are hurting from trying to read your type!! LOL Maybe you can change it?!
  5. OK, thank you!!!!
  6. Lmaooooo Hilarious. Lmaoooooo.

    "yeah Yeah Thats His Sister!!!"
  7. Yes your font makes it very difficult!

    I have to say that I don't approve of what you did, eluxury sold you that bag & it was up to them to replace it not LV store & I don't think it was right to use another girls name either! What if she has a problem & has to come back?

    Sorry, I am basically an honest person, I say what I think & I do not approve of deception in any form!
    I am surprised that as you were not a regular customer they did not insist on a receipt!

    Also Eluxury gets away with selling faulty or used goods too often & you have let them off with their responsibility to this one!
  8. I dont think it was exactly bad what you did, but i was like "hmm I dont know what to say" when I read this. Either way, congrats on your new speedy. i know you have been wanting it really bad!
  9. I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on them...but what were the odds that someone with my boyfriends last name (his last name isn't common at all) bought a damier speedy within the past 30 days...I couldn't pass up the opportunity. The LV store is in a casino so I don't think they get that many "regular" customers...
  10. Thanks! :heart::wlae:
  11. I believe we should be responsible and stick to our choices. I would have sent the bag back to elux and waited... to get a new one. Just tough luck when such things happen.

    I do hope the other girl does not wish to exchange her bag for other lovely stuff after a bit and gets her request turned down.
  12. haha lucky you!
  13. That is exactly what I would worry about.

    This is your choice to make, to me, it seems too akin to fraud for me to condone personally.
  14. Sorry but by the very fact that you took the bag into the store that it wasn't purchased from then yes you were trying to pull a fraud & you succeeded by the stroke of luck that a girl with the same surname as your b/f coincidentally purchased a similar bag. You knew the bag had been bought on eluxury so why go to the store in the first place?
    You pulled a fast one & nothing you can say can excuse this! The girl who purchased the bag was not in any way related to your b/f!
    If you were honest then you would not have done this! It amounted to fraud sorry but that is fact!
    If I had done something like this which I would never do in a million years, I sure would be too ashamed of myself to admit it on a public forum!
  15. glad everything worked out!:smile: congrats on your new speedy! and you have a very sweet BF:tup: Enjoy!
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