vuitton birthday story! (continued)

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  1. you know what, i really cant believe all of you. I am sitting here in complete tears and cant believe that you people can be so cruel!. Im done with this forum, i truly am but before i leave i want to show you all who are saying my story is bluff proof. I cant believe that one of you is pathetic enough to go & call the lv store, go get a life.. or at least get a job!
    and about the eugenie wallet, i said i got it FOR MYSELF if you cant read, it was a bday gift for myself.. who give **** if i got in on eBay????
    well here you go
    and i hope you got a good laugh out of my story
  2. This was from part 1 of this OP's original thread.

    Quote:Originally Posted by charleston-mom

    Unfortunately, the OP's post is a complete and utter fabrication. This is very sad. I received an e-mail from someone who called the manager of the CP store after seeing this thread. She didn't want to post about the results, so I called myself to verify what she found out because I do think it's important to have honesty on a forum and because I was shocked at what I heard and she had already called.

    The manager at the Ceasar's Palace LV in Atlantic City, who I just spoke with, said there have been no Damier Speedies brought in with a slice in the canvas this week, no sister with XXXX last name, etc., etc. They do not exchange or give a new bag for a bag with a slice. She said the minute it leaves the store any "slice in a bag" would be considered the problem of the buyer and that the only thing they would offer would be to repair the bag at the cost of the buyer.

    No Damier Speedies have come in for exchange or return in the last month. She even checked her "bin" while I was on the phone with her and there are no damaged speedies to be returned. This story is a complete fabrication. Why someone would come on to a forum and make-up a story like this is completely beyond me, but the manager asked that I share with the members of the forum that this story is completely fabricated.

    I find this very sad. I can't for the life of me figure out what the purpose of this thread was.

    Not at all surprised at this outcome, integrity is something that the OP appeared not to have!
    I have no problem with anyone ever disagreeing with something I post but one thing I do hate is a liar! As my mum always said "You can watch a thief but you cannot watch a liar"
    OP you really do not have to fabricate stories for the entertainment for TPF members there are many genuine threads to occupy us!


    hope she's not a candidate for tpf MP !!!!
  3. Your thread was already closed. Give this a rest. The store manager has already said your story is completely false. Anyone can print up a facsimile of a receipt. Even if the story is true in terms of buying a speedy, the rest of the story has been deemed a complete fabrication by the store manager at the Atlantic City CP store. Anyone who wishes to call can easily verify that, just as I did.

    I personally talked with the manager of the store. It's sad really. It The whole thing is very odd.

    The whole thing with the Eugenie goes back to post in December (your parents were getting it for your birthday), then on 1/27 that you had one authenticated, which then was a different one than the one you sent pictures of after you got it, and when that got called out, it was suddenly fine and you left that thread.

    Then you did a thread asking about taking back that Eugenie to the store despite it being a year old because you wanted to get a new one, despite the fact that it was an eBay purchase, and on two threads people told you that wouldn't work. It just a history of trying to "work the system," and then talking about it on the forum unfortunately.

    Even if, and this is a big if, the store manager I spoke to was mistaken and missed this (i.e., the bag being taken by an SA that didn't know what she was doing), then it's still just as bad.

    It would be fraudulently returning an E-luxury bag to a boutique where you didn't purchase it on the good name of someone else which is what everyone was reacting to in the first place. I still, however, spoke with the manager personally, and I believe her word. She was VERY insistent that I let the people on the forum know that this was a fabricated story.

    Either way - it's bad. We're not mean people here. We just value honesty, integrity and ethics. Even if there is the benefit of the doubt that the store manager was deluded somehow (which I find hard to believe honestly that she knew nothing about a return for a slashed bag and the bag has suddenly disappeared from their store since Saturday), there's still the issue of doing this in the first place and insisting that it was fine. I don't know that anyone is going to agree with that. If you actually did this, there is some poor soul out there that if she has any problems with her speedy in the future, needs a repair, anything, she will be unable to do anything at all about it because of your actions.

    Aside from everything else, that's still wrong, ethically and morally.
  4. let's not pay anymore attention to this....
    her stories are just not worth it.
  5. Please keep the drama off the open forum.
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