Vuitton - bellboy design? help!

  1. I saw an adoreable wallet with the LV monogram with a 1930's looking bell boy - anyone know what it was called? it is not on the site anymore, I first saw it oct of last year.

  2. it was also le and therefore not in production any longer, there is a rumored second line coming.
  3. It is gone for the most part but some may still have them, call 1-866-vuitton and ask them Then there is always eBay (make sure to post in the "Authenticate This!" thread first!) and finally they are supposedly re-releasing the line but on a different type of canvas (damier instead of monogram) with perhaps a different design but it will still be the bellboy, however the release date has supposedly been moved from before X-mas to after Xmas now, I should hope sometime before march for a release. ;)
  4. I guess it's now gone forever...hrrrmmph!
  5. you can find them on eBay, Bonanza, Yoogis and Fashionphile. Just keep looking. My sis bought a piece last year, and the Groom is a very cute line!
  6. I just purchased the small round Groom coin purse (with cream & orange strips) from an online second hand store. It was shipped out to me today and I can't wait to receive it . Love the Groom line and I hope to collect more pieces soon.
  7. Can somebody help me on the Groom collection? Does anybody know what colors of scarves they came out with in this collection? I mean the large square type scarf and not the long bandeau type. I have seen the red one and I think there is a yellow one (??) Are there any other colors? TIA!!!
  8. Check the LV reference library board (it's fascinating, you'll be there all evening!). The posts on the Groom line are here: and
  9. WHAO!!!! You are AWESOME!!! I can spend all day and all night and all week and all month on this fantastic forum!! Thankyou so much for your help!!!:yahoo: