Vuitton Beach Towels


Which ttowel would you get?

  1. Vuitton Mono

  2. Vuitton Cruise 2006

  3. Hermes many fish

  4. Hermes big fish

  5. Hermes turtle

  6. Hermes ship

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  1. I was searching elux under "damier" when I came across a towel. Sure enough, I search "towel" and there's another one! So I was thinking: If you were filthy rich, which one would you buy? (which reminds me of the time I saw an MC towel in a boutique in Maui-it had it's own vachetta double strap carrier as well-for $1,200! Most people on this forum aren't what I'd call "sane" (:lol: myself included), but I don't think any of us are willing to plunk down $450-$500 on a towel-are we? Oh, I threw in some Hermes towels too-I'm pretty sure they pioneered the "luxury beach towel". Which one do you like best? For me it's a toss up between the Vuitton cruise and the Hermes ship

    lv mono towel.jpg lv 2006 towel.jpg herme fish.jpg hermes big fishe.jpg hermes turtle.jpg hermes ship.jpg
  2. oooh i like the one with the boat! :smile: i think a mono beach towel might be too OTT. but then again, if you have that much money it's probably ok to be little OTT. :smile:
  3. OOooh, I love the Hermes big fish, so cute! :love: But I would never pay that much for a beach towel! :lol:
  4. I love the MC towel...but wouldn't plunk down the money for it. The Monogram price is much more reasonable :smile:
  5. Aww.. the fishies are so cute.

    I would love to have a CB beach towel.. but alas, it is just a dream !
  6. I don't think I could buy one, but if I were dating someone that wanted to get me one...... :smile:
  7. I LOVE Them All!
  8. I love the mono towel, but if I snagged a terry loop on it I'd probably have a fit!
  9. The Hermes ship towel is adorable! However, if I paid that much for a towel, I'd rather hang it on a wall than use it. :P

  10. LOL. Me too! I could just see me yelling at my kids, " Don't come near mommy! Don't get water on mommy's towel!!"
  11. I like the Hermes fish.
  12. "I don't think any of us are willing to plunk down $450-$500 on a towel-are we? "

    Yes!I :love: the LV Mono.
  13. LOVE them all but my absolute FAVE is the one with the ship!:love:
  14. I like the Cruise one.
  15. Hermes turtle