Vuitton and Fashion Advice/Inspiration NEEDED: Vuittons for work

  1. I'm in the middle of searching for my next vuitton purse and this got me thinking...

    I basically wear whichever purse that matches my outfit when I go out. Like many of you, I live in my jeans and capris anyway ;) so anything goes.

    BUT - when it comes to matching my purse with my work clothes, I want to know what you ladies do. Do you match your purse with your work clothes?

    I wear a lot of black for work, and I mean a lot. I wear a lot of solid color suits, in navy, grey, black, occasionally tan, pinstripe... you get the idea.:shame:

    I work in a conservative field and I tend to wear my ONLY monogram purse when I'm wearing solid, black suits. I love my epi because it is understated yet formal - it goes with almost anything I wear!

    So what about you? Do you match your purse with what you wear for work? Do you do the color matching thing? What purse do you pair with what? :smile:

    Spill! ;)
  2. When I was in the executive corporate penguin suit wearing 90 miles an hour pace, I sought the comfort of my Epi's...
  3. Yes, I match my bag to my outfits. I try my best but sometiomes if I'm in a hurry I don't.

    Also when I get a new bag I tend to carry it everyday until the new-ness wears off. I've been carrying my Damier Duomo everyday mathing or no matching.

    Damier goes REALLY well with black. You can't go wrong w. a Damier if you wear black everyday. Its sharp and pulled together. Also it not as in-your-face as monogram:yes:
  4. I don't match bags to outfits...well, not usually. Once in a while I will decide what to wear based on which bag I want to carry, or I'll match if I'm going out somewhere special.

    For work, I wear business-casual or casual. I don't have to wear suits any more (thank goodness!), but will sometimes wear nice trousers and a jacket. I agree with Iluvbags - Damier goes with everything!
  5. :roflmfao: I call them my monkey suit, dunno why but the name just stuck. I love epi for that same reason, it goes so well with just about anything! :shame: It's ashame they don't make more of it :love:
  6. Iluvbags, I do the same with my new bags too. Whenever I get a new vuittion, I'm constantly thinking about my next opportunity to wear it (I still match my bag with my outfit I try to work my outfit around the purse ;) )

    hippiechic - I agree. I broken into my damier purse right away and I was surprised how well it goes with black!! :yes:
  7. epi for work. black alma specifically. lately the mono does nothing for me. absolutely nothing. so epi. and my black epi noe for the fall is coming back out sooooon.
  8. I don't often match my bags with my clothes, but I do with my shoes, I always try to buy bags that compliment the shoes I already have.
    Match for me is wearing the same color bag and clothes, I prefer to wear a bag that compliment my outfit, perhaps..if I wear black suit I like to have a red or colorful bag to makes my outfit a little more fun, and when I wear colorful outfits I often go for neutral color bags.
  9. I carry all of my LVs to work, whether I'm in jeans and a t-shirt or an interview suit.

    I agree with the other posts about's SO amazingly elegant but works with dark denim too. I carried my Saleya PM to an interview when I wanted to rock a great bag but not announce "LV" to the world.

    I too wear lots of dark colors, mostly grey and black in the F/W and I think LV goes with just about anything, especially black. So chic!
  10. i wear mostly black too. i normally will carry a black handbag--on a daily basis. the only exception is my louis vuitton signature bag. i know it doesn't match, but does it matter????? lv signature is such a classic design-i would carry it with anything.
  11. The black alma is so elegant! :love:

    I favor smaller shoulder bags because I really don't have much to put in my purse besides my keys, wallet and phone:Push: !!
  12. I make sure that my bag doesn't look like it shouldn't be with what I'm wearing. I don't necessarily make sure that it matches perfectly.
  13. I'm going to try that. I don't have too many colorful bags suitable for work, yet. ;)

    Pursegrrl - I do think monogram works great with black, surprisingly though. :heart:
  14. ^^ I didn't think mono would work with black but wow I love it! Enjoy!
  15. I try to match, but it is not always possible.