Vuitton 2007 MENS runway collection pics?

  1. Hey guys I know the majority of us are women, but my brother had asked me if the mens stuff has been posted here yet (close-ups of new bags etc.) and He is quite excited, SOOO I know there are many guys on here, just wondering where are the pics etc cuz I cant seem to find them :shrugs: !!! I too would love to c them, so We'd really appreiciate either anyone posting them or pointing us in the direction of them, thanks!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure for Men's has it....;)
  3. close-ups of bags etc too?
  4. I just looked, nothing but pics of clothes, I cant seem to find the "detail" option they show when going through the womens stuff. anyone else have a site or pics?
  5. Deluxe, U MY FRIEND ARE AWESOME!!! hehe

    This bag is the one for me!