VT: Customer Sues Burger King After Finding Unwrapped Condom In Sandwich

  1. yuck...this reminds me of the Wendy's finger-in-chili incident....
    the condom probably looked like an onion or something...but what was it doing there??
  2. That is absolutely disgusting, provided that it was not planted like past incidents. Yet another reason to skip fast food.
  3. YA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!:lol: Ya, I'd wait three weeks to let em know there was a CONDOM in my sandwich........:nuts:
  4. That's so nasty!!!

    I was at Wendy's and my son found a Latex Glove in his Burger! :throwup::sick:
  5. If this story is true:

  6. The three week wait bothers me too... but heck, weirder things have been found in stuff!

    Erhg, now I'm going to have to examine every little thing I eat.
  7. Sick.
  8. Oh. My. God. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  9. :wtf::wtf: This makes me want to avoid fast food restaurants even more...
  10. Sounds like a scam...
  11. and he waited THREE WEEKS to contact a lawyer?

    If I found a condom in any food item, I'd be making a mad dash to a lawyer..
  12. ^^Yea...he probably took 3 weeks to figure out if he could really get away with this. Anybody can pass a lie detector test...you just gotta stay calm.
  13. Whatever!! YUCK AND YUCK....I did not even read the story..the thread title made me want to puke!! Some things are better left unsaid! UGH
  14. If it's true, then yuuucckkk. But the 3 weeks wait? Hmmm, that sounds fishy to me.