VS Supermodel edp?

  1. Has anyone smelled this yet? There's a sample in the Holiday catalog. The desription says that it's "a unique blend of sparkling berry, seductive peach blossom and creamy sandlewood."

    I can't figure out what it smells like. It reminds me of Christmas, like 12 years ago. It was really weird, I smelled it and all these good memories came flooding back to me. It smells a little bit like RL Glamorous, but that's not what I'm thinking of. I have a feeling I'm going to end up buying this one...
  2. I smelled it and it's nice but I just dont want to go around telling ppl that I smell like a supermodel- sounds cheesy.
  3. ^ I agree with that. I have Barbie perfume from Sephora and a lot of guys have asked about it. It's so embarrassing, because they're always like "you're wearing Barbie perfume?!? Bwahahahaha :lol:"

    I'm just obsessed with Supermodel because it smells exactly like something else I've smelled/worn in the past and I can't figure out what it is. It's driving me nuts! :confused1:
  4. I really love how this smells, I was thinking about buying it but I'm worried about the staying power.
  5. ^ The paper sample from the catalog lasted for HOURS on me. I was kind of shocked actually.
  6. I just went and smelled it. Kind of smells like a mixture of Christmas and perfume that I smell everywhere. Can't really pin point it, but it does smell good.
  7. The description of the smell sounds heavenly! I'll have to try some the next time I go there!
  8. to me it smells EXACTLY like dior addcit2!
  9. OMGoodness! I knew it smelled familiar.
  10. I am secretly in love with Hello Kitty spray:sweatdrop:.