VS Pink Mesh Panties: Machine Washable?!?

  1. The tags on Victoria's Secret Pink mesh underwear says that it is machine washable, but I have had bad experiences with panties of similar material getting ripped in the machine, so the idea of putting these in makes me nervous. Has anyone put their VS mesh underwear in the washing machine and had no problems?
  2. ^ I don't have that pair, but if you wash them on Delicate in cold water and then air-dry them they should be fine. I wash all my lingerie this way and it's never gotten ruined :shrugs:
  3. ive had no problems with doing that.
  4. I put them through regular wash and regular dry with no problem.
  5. I have the cosabella mesh thongs and put them in the wash but I do line dry. If your machine eats your panties then wash them in a lingerie bag. You can get these at the department stores usually by the counter.
  6. i put them in the washer and dryer and they're still fine. those are their best undies by far! i love mine.
  7. I wash them on delicate, and flat dry. I haven't had a problem yet!
  8. Super, thanks everyone! :greengrin:
  9. I've had a pair for a year and wash with all my other underwear on the delicate setting.
  10. i havent had any problems with mine either!