VS Pink line hoodies & sweats 25% off

  1. Hi, I just got an email from victoria secrets. Their Pink line has hoodies and sweats for 25% off the original price. (This maybe an online thing only, doubt the offer is at stores as well)

    Dont forget if you spend
    $100 get $15 off
    $150 get $30 off
    $250 get $75 off

    using code : VSGIFTS during checkout.

    Happy Shopping ladies!
  2. thanks!

    i was just at the store today, and i don't think it was going on (i bought naughty stuff though, no sweats!).

    thanks for the codes as well!
  3. ur welcome, but if you or any members are from Canada, the coupon codes may not necessarily work from what I hear from previous buyers.
  4. is VSGIFTS the code for the 25% off pink hoodies/sweats or for the spend x get x amount off?
  5. When you purchase at the site, the prices are already marked down 25%. So the price it shows is what you would be paying for each item and next to it would show the original price.

    The codes are when you checkout and are for the $$ off total.
  6. oh, of course!

    there are SOME codes that work for canadian shipping addresses, but they're usually on reesycakes or another coupon site.

    i'm from the u.s. and have a shipping address there as well, but thanks for the heads up!
  7. today dec 6th only, dont forget to add the code SPICE to get a FREE spice girls cd with a $60 purchase

    and if you order pj's you get FREE slippers w/code PJSLIPPER