VS Pink hoodies...

  1. Does anyone know if they fit large like the rest of VS clothing or are they pretty TTS? I'm a S in Juicy should I go with the S or XS in the pink hoodies? THANKS.

    xxxKaterina :heart:
  2. ^ I'm the same size as u in juicy, and I get XS in VS pink hoodie...
    but,u could get in S too, though...but it would be kinda big...
    sometimes I like it really really loose...lol
  3. I think XS would be fine
  4. Pink stuff tends to run a little on the larger size, maybe about 1/2 size bigger. If you want it more fitted and girlie, go for the XS; if you like it loose and roomy to wear layers under it, get the S.
  5. Get an XS if you are a S in Juicy.

    I'm a P in Juicy, but I also wear S, and XS fits about right on me-- still room to layer underneath but not baggy!