VS Pajamas

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  1. Does anyone know how their flannel PJ'S run? I want to get some but have no idea on the sizing. I'm an S in juicy pants, so should I go with the XS or S? TIA!

  2. I love the VS flannel pj's!!!!!! I get a some every year, they are the most comfy things EVER!!! I am a size 2 and I get a XS.
  3. XS. i find that their flannel PJs run at least a size big
  4. I have a couple pairs of the flannel PJ's & love them! I buy them a size smaller because I find they run big.
  5. thanks for the replies :heart:'s. I will go with the xs. Also, does anyone know if they sell their pj's in store?
  6. They usually sell PJs in the store, but the sales run different between the catalog, online, and in store.
  7. they run big. I wear size 4 but everytime I get something from VS is either XS (sweats, tees, pajamas, etc.) or SM (panties).
  8. Definitely XS-- they run big! I love VS flannel PJs!!!!!
  9. I find that they run big. They were my best friends when I was in college
  10. Again, they run big.

    I love them so much. Usually I wait till after the holiday and hit the sales to get a new pair.
  11. Huge.
  12. I think you should get an S. They do fit big but I like them comfy like that!
  13. Most of their clothes run big anyway, I'm a size S in other brands but in VS it has to be XS.