VS is discontinuing Intimissimi!!

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  1. I just found out that VS is discontinuing the Intimissimi line. No!!! It's the only line that fits me. The only plus is that everything is on clearance now. No wonder the 34th St store was getting in any new shipments. Does anyone else buy this line?
  2. Oh no! I never bought from it before, but I got a pair of panties on clearance at the semi-annual sale and I love them. I better go buy some while they're still around!
  3. This is the one with with no visible panty lines right? The material is thin and there is only a seam down the butt?
  4. What??? Why?? I LOVE that line! I'll have to go shopping I guess!
  5. There is a whole intimissimi chain of stores in Europe - maybe you can order it from overseas?
  6. ^ what I was going to post, Intimissimi exist as a chain of stores, so maybe you can buy them on line or when visiting Europe.
  7. I loved Intimissimi too, now that I´m in Europe I go to the Intimissimi Stores and those are great!
  8. LOVE this line, but they stopped making my strapless bra a year ago. Have to wait till I'm in Italy to buy more. :sad:
  9. I have 3 of their bras, I only bought them b/c I had a coupon to use and those were a lot cheaper than all their other bras, but I do think they are nice bras. I'm sure they will come out with something similar again.
  10. are these bras good for small chests? i think a VS SA recommended this line to me since i'm only a 32A and she said the european stuff runs smaller, but i've never tried this line. maybe i should before it is gone!
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