VS Clothing

  1. What do you girls think of the quality/designs/etc from the VS web? I kinda like the clothes/shoes they have....
  2. I ordered a few tops from them...I was not very happy with the quality of their tops...but the shirts were okay..it's the tops with a lot of detailing e.g. buttons etc that had problems..hope this helps

    have not ordered shoes from them..
  3. Yeah... thx .. i have order some clothes from them.... but I recently purchased a pair of shoes that I was just not to happy w .... decided to keep them either way... my bf loves them!!!!!
  4. NOT happy with the quality of the clothing! if you dont have a couponcode or if it's not on sale--its NOT worth it~!!

    I was really disappointed with the cheapo quality of the clothing. i think a lot of the items are misrepresented. clothes are sheer and/or not durable (meaning, they won't look nearly as good after a few washes). at least, this is the impression i got after ordering from them a few times ^^

    i wouldn't order from them fi i didnt have a coupon code or if the item's not on sale ^_^
  5. I made a post a while back on VS clothes that may help

    I actually like their shoes, I find that they're well made and comfortable. When they're on sale, you can't beat the prices. The clothes are a little bit more of a gamble though. One thing that makes me mad is that a lot of times their products look drastically different from the pictures. I ordered a pair of black shoes with what looked like beige soles. When I got them, it turns out that the sole is gold and shiny! I was pissed but I actually like the shoes and they fit really well, so I kept them.
  6. isnt weir how that happends, when u see something u like on the pic once u get it doesnt look like on the pic or the same way it looked on the model.... i just purchased this red shoes and they do not look the same at all irl .... the color red is shiny.... LOOK .... but somehow their growing on me....
  7. i'm tempted to order their knockoff express pants since they are $39.50 now but I'm weary of them.

    I haven't ordered their clothing in over 10 years and unless I get free shipping/returns I never will again.

    Their swimsuits however I've had very good luck with.
  8. Every clothing item that I've ordered from them has been returned. Not impressed with the quality or fit of their clothes. VS only manages to steal all my money away via cute shoes, panties, and bras ;).
  9. Their career pants (not jeans) are okay, they really do look like express when you put them on. The low-rise is not really low rise. The ultra low rise is not extreme either, just a couple inches below my belly, I like it that way. Their dress shirts are good too. I would steer clear of their other shirts. I ordered 4 and none of them looked anything like the picture. The models don't do a good job of modeling the clothes like revolve and other sites. They're on a photo shoot trying to look cute and completely forget that I need to see them standing straight up to get a good picture of the clothing. WTF. :shrugs:
  10. It's been a long time since I ordered from them but they own Express and Limited. I thought the quality was similar to those stores.
  11. ITA the quality is questionable at best. I always remember these models can make burlap bags look good, LOL. Styles are cute but that's about it. I did order a top and cargo pants from JLo's line through VS and was happy with those actually but in general I'd stick with their lingerie...on sale.
  12. I too have ordered a couple of their tops..and the material was cheap!! Not impressed at all..they make it look so pretty in the catalog. I just buy my panties from there..nothing more.
  13. I've ordered a few of their career pants. I have to admit it's not the best quality but their size zero was the best that I could find for my petite frame.

    Their tops are okay although I'm not too impressed. The same goes for their shoes.

    The hard part about shopping online is that it looks good in the catalogues and online but you never will know till you receive it so it's always a gamble.
  14. I bought a few tops from them. They're alright, but the quality isn't that great. I don't buy from there anymore though... nor do I wear those tops anymore, now that I think about it lol. Their stuff looks great in the catalogue, but cheap in real life, imo.
  15. The only thing I have really ordered clothes-wise are 2 pairs of gaucho pants which I LOVE!!!