Vroom vroom! (bday gift to me!!)

  1. :tup:So my 21st birthday is actually far away.. I'm 19 now, and my 20th birthday is on January 8th.. (I'm going to Cancun again!! :] YAY!!) And yesterday I was speaking with my lovely mother (who is very much into stocks and options trading) was talking about teaching me to do it. She told me she just wanted me to spend an hour a week on my stocks. (I'm a fulltime student, and I carry a fulltime job). And with that, she said I could easily make $10,000 on the side with stocks. (Lucky her, she makes so much more. You need money to make money, and DUH my mom being older [wiser, and smarter] she's got waaaay more more than me! Hehehee!) I've already planned WHAT I wanted to do for my birthday. Everyone goes to Vega's for their 21st but I've already been, plus I'm not a big gambler..) What else can I do when I'm 21 aside from Vegas? Go on a cruise! Bet most of ya didn't know that! Yup! Everyone on a cruise has to be at least 21 (new rule) or have someone 25+ in their cabin! I'm excited for that, but I'm really REALLY excited for what I'm going to do with my stock money... I'm planning to get myself.. A NEW CAR!! (I love the car I have now, my parents bought it for me for christmas a couple years ago, but I want something nicer.) Yes!!!!! I'm so stoked!:nuts: I'm eyeing a new Mercedes.. :drool:But who knows?! I wanted to buy it in cash, but everyone knows cash does nothing to your credit. Soooo, I'm putting about $10-15,000 down first, then I'll pay the rest off in about 6 months. :] That'll boost my credit WAY up there.

    Anyhoo, I'm just so excited! I feel so happy to know that at the age of 21 I would have bought my first luxury car all by myself! :] Thanks for reading, I just wanted to scream it to the world. I am so excited.....:yahoo:

    Any other car's I should keep in mind??
  2. I'm in such a different economic situation comparing to yours, but I just wanted to come in and say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know I'd be excited if I could buy me a new car so young!! I'm 24 and still own my Ford which was a present for my 18th bday from my parents LOL.

    You just can't go wrong with Mercedes in my book. It's my dream car!! Although, some of the new BMWs are killer too. But if I were you, I wouldn't think twice about getting the Benz. For some reason, they feel more luxury-like than BMW in my head.

    Keep us posted!! I can't wait to see pics!!
  3. Haha, I'm much older than you and will never have a Mercedes, so congratulations to you (and your wise mother)! Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Post a pic when you get whatever car you decide on.
  4. Congrats!
  5. Maybe I should hire your mom as my financial adviser.....I haven't been doing the greatest on the stock market. I have a guy that does it all for me, but the stock market has really sucked lately. I don't take a lot of risks though because I don't want to lose. I'm invested wisely I guess.
  6. well, i was eyeing a car about $60,000 for a bens.. (cheap one is like $30,000, and theyre not bad either!) BUT i saw THE one i wanted, and its about $180,000!! HAHAHAA!! well, thats for the 2008 edition i want. there are cheaper bens out there. ill have to keep an eye out. and yes ive seen some awsome looking BMWs out there but i agree, the bens just seems so much more luxurious. i dont know why. but it does. lol, and i see more woman driving them.

    sooooo, if i dont get a bens, what other car out there should i look for??
  7. yah, my moms pretty freaking amazing, her stocks all doubles within a week and half. and she does options trading one side. so its good bc u can still make money when the stocks are going sideways. :] maybe its time to hire a new guy?? and it is risky, but ya just gotta know ur game. plus, my moms number one key, dont be greedy, and dont be stingy. she doesnt want me to be greedy by saying, "oh its going up up and up, it wont fall" (when polls predict it does, so does graphs) and then i stay and it drops. and dont be stingy bc right when i see a small fall i sell sell sell. most of the time stocks follow a four day pattern. dont get up after one day when it falls. follow the four days!! :] my mom learned the hard day this week. she pulled out a bit too soon. the next day, she had to rebuy. but that particular stock when up.. like $100 more per a share. bummer.
  8. hOly s**t!!!!! Crazy Birthday gift, congrats!!!!!!!! Yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Wow awesome!!! :nuts: I wish I had that kind of money right now :graucho: Have you decided on a particular car? I agree that you can't go wrong with a Mercedes :girlsigh:

    Although I think my ultimate dream car would be an Aston Martin :love: But MB is pretty far up there in my list of wants :sweatdrop:
  10. Hey we share the same Birthday! I thought it was just me and The King...LMAO! Good luck with stocks and with getting your new car!!
  11. I hate to be blunt, but I have to share this since Megs and I just went to the MB dealership three days ago to look for future prospects. There was an AMG CL65 parked, sticker around $195k - probably similar to the one you were eyeballing. The sales person and I both agreed, a car like that, no matter what the financial background and means, does not belong into the hands of a young person. Shoot, I have driven over 10 years without a single crash, consider myself a decent driver and I wouldn't trust myself with that much power... no way. You can be as careful as you want, but you tap the gas pedal a little too hard and you can make the wheels spin going 100 on the highway... over 600hp and 1000+ Nm of torque will make that happen.

    Obviously all cars that go in a higher price range come with tremendous amounts of power, all of which can be lethal if placed in the hands of an inexperienced driver.
    In your case, being 20, I'd opt for the "lower end" (that being a C class, which is mighty nice) where you still get the glitz'n glam but less danger of finding yourself wrapped around a concrete wall - if I may put it this bluntly.

    That being said, Megs and I are pretty set on getting a C350 next month. :wlae:
  12. OOOhhhh yeah! Vlad n Megs u guys are getting the new c-class design? sweet!! it is soooo beautifull!!! I just saw the ad in the mags recently. Can't wait to see one in person! please post pics when you can! What color i wonder?
  13. We are looking at a few options atm, we'll keep ya'll posted. :tup:
  14. Congratulations, I love Mercedes!

  15. yah, i agree.. a little petal can make you go CRASH into a wall. its a funny thing, i dont even like to drive. HAHA. i prefer to be a passenger. i drive too slow. i live in the bay (CA) and normal here is like 80mph. and i commute on a reallly long bridge thats basically a straight away for 9(+) miles so people can easily hit 110mph regularly. me on the other hand, im good with 60. hahaa. :graucho:

    i think im a pretty save driver, even though ive only been driving for 4 years. but, just because you have a powerful car doesnt always (sometimes yes but not always) mean you drive fast and crazy and reckless. why is it when im driving and a see some car in the rear view mirrow going 100mph, its always some beat up junky 20 year old car!? hehee, but yes. i do know one little hit of the foot on mistake can be a deadly one. but oh well. ill just have to be very careful. :] im just so proud i can even afford my own car, better yet a bens!! :] my co workers (who are like 40-50 years old) are telling me its crazy that i can afford the car. but half of em are just a little envious.. lol, but its okay. thanks for your opinion, just reminds me to drive safe. even with the non luxury car im driving now.:tup:

    ive seen the c class. its pretty nice still and a lot easier on the bank.. i mean deng, ill only be 21! i cant really afford 180,000 on my own! but 80,000.. i can do that. and im so very proud to say i can do it all with my own money. im hoping to pay it all off in about 3 or 4 payments. :yahoo: im keeping my eye out for other cars.. i dont just wanna settle for anything. i want it to be my IT car (well at least for 5 years!) i know, im crazy for wanting a new car every 5 years. but hey, its like how some guys need a new tv all the time, girls need new purses, well i love new cars. HAHA.