VPs & toes...

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  1. I really want a pair of VPs, but I'm hesitant. I see alot of pics with ALOT of toe overhang... I am not a fan of toe overhang at all. is this a result of the VP shape? Iss the peep too big? This is not a style I can try locally, so it's not something I can try for myself easily...
    Failing that, can someone reccomend a peep toe style w/o an overhang problem?
  2. My toes don't hang over in any of my shoes.

    I think that's more a fit problem than a style problem.
  3. I think sometimes because of the steep pitch of the shoe, people's feet are pushed forward and so that may result in "toe overhang". I think to prevent "toe overhang", you can use "tip toes"(just googled this), placing the pad under the ball of your foot so that your feet wont slide forward.
  4. I don't think the peep toe on the VP is too big. It's just that everyone's feet and toes are different sizes and shapes, and therefore causes the VP to look different from one person to the next. If you get the right size, there shouldn't be any toe overhang. For smaller peep toes, the only styles I can think of are the Minibout and Open Clic, but those are really small peep toes. You can always use ball of foot pads that will keep your feet from sliding forward, which helps eliminate any toe overhang. Hope you're able to make the VP work for you! :flowers:
  5. Yeah - that's sort of what I thought... maybe I just need to stick to lower heeled peep toes? My toes aren't cute looking, so the less of them that stick out, the better, lol...:roflmfao:
  6. i think if you have long toes, you are more prone to overhang than the rest. i find that when i'm walking in the VPs, my feet tend to slide forward (as with other high-pitched shoes, just gravity doing its thing), and so what once started as good with no toe overhang becomes some toe overhang. i find that ball of foot pads help tremendously with this issue since it prevents the foot from sliding forward.

    there's also this amazing product lavenderice clued me in on.... it's very thin, so it won't crowd the toebox and make it feel tighter

    otherwise if the shoe is a tad loose, you can use these regular ball of foot pads

    otherwise, you could try a peeptoe in a shorter heel height (3 inches or less, such as yoyo 85mm) so that your foot doesn't slide forward, and hence you won't have toe overhang.

    good luck! the VP is still one of my favorite styles, regardless of this issue.
  7. A lot of time when you see over hang is also because some people buy smaller sizes to avoid heel slippage also. some people would rather have over hang than heel slippage. VPs do not fit a lot of people the way they would like to fit.

    You can get all of the sizing advice in the world and it could turn out to be not right for you because people feet are so different. You have to know your feet and go from there.
  8. I use "tip toes" by Foot Petals in all my peep toe and/or steep heels and wedges and never have an issue with overhang as a result--even after hours of walking and standing. It's just a combo of the pitch, the opening, the length of your toes, etc. "Tip Toes" rule!
  9. It all depends on the fit and the shape of your foot. My toes do not overhand in CLs, which is one the reasons I love them. I am not so lucky with some other designers.
  10. they are the same as VP - heel height of 120mm, but the platform is thinner, only about 1/4-1/2 inch, whereas the VP is 1 inch platform.... so the pitch is definitely steeper... BUT the peeptoe is also smaller i think....
  11. ^^ thanks carlinha - ah this would be so much easier if we had a decent loub selection here!!! grr...
  12. I notice that when I wear my YoyoZeppas and my feet sweat they slide more thus pushing my big toe out a little further UGH! lol but if I put an insert in them that kinda cuts down on the sliding....
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    here's some modelling pics to give you a better visual... mind you i have very long skinny toes, so with all my shoes, my toes hit the tip of the peeptoe... i must get them this size though so that i don't have heel slippage.... if i go up in size, i have bad heel slippage which i HATE (i have narrow heels)



    yoyo 85mm

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  14. This is my thought too!

    Here are some pics of me in my VPs (size 39.5):

    Aiming at my toes. As you can see, my 2nd toe on my left foot is longer than on my right:


    View from head on:


    View from the side/front:


    Finally a view of the pads that keep my feet from sliding forwward. They are very thin and are made by Kiwi:


    HTH! Good luck with your decision! Oh and please excuse my unpainted and not manicured toes. :shame: