VPI vs Banfield

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  1. Which do you recommend?

    I have a 13 year old Maltese and he has to visit the vet frequently for allergies and ear infections on top of his regular visits.

    Any help, suggestions, and recommendations will be highly appreciated.

  2. I loved Banfield and am sad I don't have them anymore....I had my lab mix on the senior plan....I think I paid $35 a month, and all office visits were included, as were annual vaccinations and certain other tests and procedures specific to her getting older. then anything else I needed that wasn't included I got 25% off. During the 3 years she was on banfield we saved thousands...which I know because every bill shows you what you would have paid without the plan, and what you are paying with the plan, with a running total of your savings. My baby was on a LOT of medicine near the end and the 25% off on that really helped.

    There is no banfield near me now, so I just got everyone signed up on VPI. Puppy got signed up super easily...my cats they needed additional details and there are a lot of exclusions based on the additional details provided. They took the littlest comment on something in the exam notes and made an exclusion....for instance...both cats shed a lot mroe when at the vet and show some signs of dandruff...never at home, and only when they are traveling does this show....but there was some note about it in the exam...so now one of the cats is excluded for seborreha. Both cats are on a special diet for a loose stool issue that tests were never able to show a cause for. But on the special food they are fine. But they have an exclusion for colitis. One cat had a little bit of plaque on a tooth...he's excluded for anything periodontal...

    My dog was 10 before I enrolled her at Banfield and they didn't even ASK me about anything pre-existing and never excluded anything from her care..

    So....the VPI thing is just getting started...but so far I was more impressed with Banfield.
  3. I looked at VPI and they said you could not enroll pets oer 10 year old. Is there an age max. for banfield?
  4. I don't think so...but you'd have to ask them. But my baby was pretty old when I signed her up. I was new to the area and thats the vet we happened to end up at. I didn't even know they did the healthcare plans when I decided...just picked it cuz it was convenient.
  5. Thank you so much, I will be visiting a Banfield nearby