VP Black Patent arrived from BG in terrible condition!!

  1. I am so sad right now I could cry! My HTF black patent VP burgandy tip arrived today from BG and they look like factory rejects. The liner inside the shoe lookes like it has been pulled out and then replaced in a sloppy way. The burgandy tip was wrinkled and the top of it was lifting off. There were 4 label stickers on the outside of the box from BG, so I be it has been returned 4 times (probably because it looks like crap) and then repackaged for another customer. ARRRRGGGGHHH! I could understand that from an inexpensive brand, but NOT from a premier designer at NM/BG. What should I do??? I desperately want the shoe, but I hate to pay retail $770 for a shotty shoe.

    See the pics and give me your feedback.....:cursing:
    IMG_2002.JPG IMG_2000.JPG IMG_2003.JPG IMG_2004.JPG
  2. You know, to be honest, I expected to see something very minor, but that's really bad. I'm sorry. I'd definitely return them. If you'd worn them a few times, that *might* approach normal wear and tear, but that is just unacceptable for full price Louboutins.
  3. :wtf: Oh no! That inner sole looks terrible! I feel your pain, you should contact them ASAP. Maybe you can get a significant discount and have the sole repaired by a cobbler? :sad:
  4. ^^^ITA. That is some BS. BG/NM has the worst quality control as far as their online department. I don't care if it was full price or 65% off, they should not be sending their customers s*it like that. There was a 40.5 up earlier, but not sure if it's still there. Regardless, I would call them (preferably in the AM b/c that's when they are usually nicest LOL) and let them know of the situation. Explain to them that it's your HG shoe too and that you were highly disappointed when they arrived. If you have to, you can send these photos to them! I would do it ASAP though while the anger is still fresh. KWIM? Like you would have bought those full price had they been in store. NM wouldn't have allowed those on the floor at full price!

    Oh, and I wouldn't hesitate in sending a letter with photos to the Executive Offices (e-mail me if you want the contact info). I did that during the $280 yoyo situation and they sent me a nice apology letter along w/ a $50 gift card. Crazy part is the lady in the Executive office that handled my situation, her name was Asha. haha
  5. Ohh Lynn :wtf:... thats horrible!!.. yeah, I'd call them asap and let them know how unhappy you are.... thats what stinks when finding a shoe thats been out a long time especially a more popular one that pops up here and there, they are ALWAYS someones bad returns, I'm so osrry that happened to you :tdown:
  6. Lynn I can not believe that!!! I can't believe they sent it to you like that! It's just terrible! I would call asap and demand they find a replacement and no shipping fees. I don't know that I will ever order from them now. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I know how excited you were to get them. I feel so bad for you.
  7. Lynn, that's terrible. They look like crap! How unfair!
  8. Thanks for sharing my pain. I looked at the 40.5 online, but I am so disappointed now that the shoe is dead to me.

    You are right Asha, it was my HG shoe!!! I will definitely take your advice and call tomorrow. Would you call BG or NM? Or should I go to the NM here in Charlotte and return it? I would take a significant discount on it and then I could have my cobbler fix the liner. But right now I'm just so frustrated. I could understand the shoe being in this condition if I had bought it for $500 on eBay, but not brand new retail at BG!@@!!!!@@#@
  9. That's awful. A $77 pair of shoes shouldn't look like that, let alone a $770 pair!
  10. Lynn, I am upset for you. We were looking for the same shoe, and I got mine last week from BG. I don't get how they could even think of sending a shoe in that condition to you. Even if you paid $25 for it, this is just not right. Bring the shoe back in person and let them have it.
  11. all the best, lynn. hope it all works out.
  12. :sad: Maybe you'll feel better in the morning Lynn.
  13. Lynn,

    I am sorry that they sent you those things. I have worn inexpensive shoes for years and they have never looked like that.

    I think once you show them those pieces of crap that they had the nerve to send you, they will bend over backwards to fix the situation.
  14. oh no...so sorry that happened. you really should call and complain about it. Insist on talking to a manager about it.

    I hope you feel better soon!
  15. :wtf: I can't believe they would sell someone a pair that bad!! It looks like it's been worn like 982375398 times already. Definitely bring them in and complain!! Good luck and keep us posted! Feel better honey!