Voting Time

  1. Talking birkin 30 here...what would you vote for (for me)?:s

    1)Chocolate Box with gold hw

    2)Black Chevre with palladium hw

    3)Black box with palladium or gold hw

    4)Skip the birkin altogether and go for a chocolate box Kelly with gold hw

    Additional info: I own a black box Kelly with gold hw (you all know that)
    Don't own any brown bags (can you believe it)
    Want to use this bag often...almost daily
    Think about what will handle usage better
    Want it to be a "WOW" looking bag
    Don't own a birkin yet

    (I am a little bored and wanted to have a little, hear all your wise advice)
  2. Kelly, this is such a no brainer!!!! Chevre with Palladium!!!!!
  3. #2--Black Chevre with palladium HW. I'd choose that for you since you already have an elegant box Kelly w/GH and Black Chevre would be a great choice in a Birkin.
  4. Chevre with Palladium! :yes:

    ....(and a vintage chocolate box kelly w/gold hw :P )
  5. 3 for black chevre
  6. Will black chevre really hold up on daily use?

    Ok...I am post hogging this thread, but where is everyone???
  7. Make that 4. :love: Out of the choices you gave, the Black Chevre/Palladium will give you lightweight and ease of use with less fear of scratching for everyday, plus the wow factor built in with the texture of Chevre. Chocolate box would be my 2d choice, but you didn't ask that.:smile:
  8. I am going with the Black Chevre w/PH too!
  9. Kellybag, pm 24faubourg about chevre on a daily use. This is her favorite leather (and mine, too) for many reasons, one of which is durability.

    SOOOO, get a black chevre/palladium Birkin!!!
  10. black chevre has always been my first choice...I was just worried about daily use/abuse. I could just see little dent marks or something on the skin. I was thinking at least box can be brough back to life.

    Black chevre is stunning.

    I will see what lovely 24 has to say when she gives her expert opinion.
  11. Out of the choices you posted I'd select the black Chevre. I think box might not be a good choice for daily wear unless you really don't mind scratches. However, would you consider a nice brown in Chevre? Marron Fronce (splg) is a great color. I think Baggaholic has a bag in Marron Fronce, and it's a real beauty.
  12. I agree with Kat! Seeing you have a lovely black bag, get the chevre in Havane. Have a look @ Eric's - it's TDF. :love:
  13. I am off to take a look at Havanne chevre...
  14. (2) Black chevre with palladium! I'd get that in a heartbeat.
  15. ooooooo KB. I just saw Havanne in Evergraine when I went to look at a wallet for DH on Saturday and it's a really rich color! Beautiful and almost but not quite black. It will be gorgeous in Chevre I think.....with that sheen going on? Lovely.....