VOTE: White vs. Ivory Muse

  1. Which, in your opinion, is the better color for the Muse; White or ivory? (I'm torn between the two!)

  2. I wasn't aware that there're 2 shades of white for the Muse. If I have to pick, I would go with the ivory.
  3. ivory
  4. Ivory gets my vote :smile:
  5. It depends. White will so make my teeth and eyes look yellow!!!:wtf:
  6. I think Ivory is what YSL calls their white. I just got a large Ivory and I love it!!
  7. I didn't know that Muse is made in White. I have seen it in Ivory in real life, it's absolutely gorgeous. I love it, it's definitely one of the best colors for Muse. =)
  8. hi there. this is my first post to an official purse thread! :smile:

    i believe the muse only comes in the ivory-color buffalo leather. the patent one does look more "white" than the non-patent ones though. i think the confusion comes in when stores call the color "white" rather than the official color name of "ivory".

    hope this helps!
  9. white :smile:
  10. Ivory!
  11. I have ivory and I love it.

    I wasn't actually aware that they made a white-white Muse.