VOTE: Which Hayden Harnett Nico XX should I keep - Amethyst or Ink?

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  1. I have one in Ink and one in Amethyst. Both are beautiful colors and both have the same quality and type of leather. I really dont want to keep them both, as I already feel like a purse glutton :lol:

    Your thoughts in helping me make my decision are much appreciated. :yes:

    The first two pics are mine and the last two pics are borrowed from a seller on eBay who always sells a lot of HH bags and takes beautiful pictures! The color is much better captured in her pics. Yum, look at that purple and blue!
    CIMG4078.JPG CIMG4079.JPG b109946722.jpg m109858838.jpg
  2. Hrmmm, wheres the voting/poll thingamijigger? Ok, now I feel dumb. Well, tell me your thoughts anyway, please!
  3. amethyst definitely. So pretty :smile: I'm kinda partial to purple than blue though lol What do you look like? You should pick a bag that compliments how you look.

  4. Im half white and half Korean which translates (atleast for me LOL) into dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and fair-ish skin, depending on the season. If its summer, I turn brown and look like Im from some unknown island!

    I think that the ink and amethyst both work very well with my "coloring" Im kind of stuck there in regard to making a decision
  5. They are both stunning...but I'm partial to the blue:tup:. If you wear a lot of jeans, the blue will always work.
  6. I say Amethyst all the way..the color is just gorgeous! I'm also partial to purple than blue as well. There's just something about purple that is so appealing.
  7. IMO stunning purple bags are harder to find. Blue is a more common color. I vote for amethyst!
  8. my vote is for the amethyst. That is just a pretty purple! :tup:
  9. Concur that there are plenty of blue bags out there in all different shades....not many purples. I say amethyst!
  10. I also like the amethyst, it's a gorgeous bag esp. for the Fall season....
  11. amethyst
  12. amethyst- my birthstone! Such a great color.
  13. amethyst, very nice. keep it...........
  14. Sorry - I'd keep them both. It's not like a debate between two blues or two purples. They're two different colors, two different looks, two different "vibes". I love them both. I say keep them both. Besides now you have the perfect blue and the perfect purple. How perfect is that?? :nuts::love:
  15. Amethyst!