Vote... which do you prefer???

  1. The Daimer Papillion 30 or the Popincourt Haut...both can be worn on the shoulder...which do you like honest do not hold back.....
  2. I want both , but right now I need rolling bag..I will get damier papi first and eventually will get PH..
  3. I was never really a fan of the papillion shape so I say popincourt haut. Are you getting another bag:graucho:
  4. why the papillion daimer first????
  5. I like both, but my fav out of the two is the Popincourt Haut:flowers:
  6. I'd prefer the PH, I've never really gotten that into the papillon shape I guess.
  7. you must tell me why....
  8. I have had both the Papillon 26 and the PH...I like the look of the Papillon better, and the only reason I got rid of my Pap was the size (I should have gotten the 30). Anyway, I love the damier Papillon!
  9. I like the PH better
  10. No new bag on a ban paying bills but, may ask someone special to get me a will probably be a no because of the cc debt..does not hurt to try...I am so addicted and poor...this want another bag...
  11. Not a huge fan of the pap, but really like the PH.
  12. I like the damier papillon 30 a lot. I'm not sure of a reason but the shape just appeals to me. However, although it can be a shoulder bag - it's not really it's primary purpose. If you're looking for a shoulder bag - then the poppincourt haut would be the obvious choice - however - is that because you want something smaller than the lockit horizontal?

    I figure the lockit horizontal and PH are more similar so if variety is what you want - then the damier papillon would be the better choice...
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: :sad: Awww I know exactly how you feel, I had to pay bills and buy some new tables for my living room and dining set for my house, and I was still looking at bags, damn priorities. :angel: I would have love to blown the whole windfall on like 3 or 4 bags I would have been happy:lol: Empty house and LV bag is the way to live:wlae:LOL Nah I can't do that to my family. I'm still waiting on the refund from LV for my lockit. I'm going to buy me a cheaper bag with that and save the rest.
  14. I had to choose between the Pap 30 and the PH too,
    and after trying on both...
    just fell in love with the Damier Papillon 30:love:
    it just looks so elegant and have enough room inside
    I can use it as a day and night bag
    I can dress down and dress up with it
    and didn't have to worry about the vachetta!
  15. :heart: my lockit buy ever but, evening time I want smaller and my speedy 30 is I thought I may ask someone special to get me an evening weekend bag that can be either hand or shoulder...when I asked at Vuitton they said the daimer papillion has the drop to be a shoulder bag...I am tall and big man arms here... size 4-6...I need a winter bag because I baby my LH I want to keep the vachette mint and lately it is rain and soon to be snow and daimer may be the gift to ask for...x-mas is coming and I may get a big no because of the price but, I will at least ask....